Counting Both Ways.

I realised I’ll be turning 10 this year.

I’ll be sharing a bite of this story once again – after premiering “Hyena” in Vienna and then performing it a second time in Huddersfield England – at home in New York.

After giving up on life and then finding myself energised to reject my imminent death…after being advised it was almost impossible I’d stay sober on my “first try,” after bucking the fuckng odds this long, I take absolutely no day sober for granted.

I usually become a little more ferociously sentimental around my soberversary. As I approach, Ganesha willing, a milestone, I am humbled by this benchmark. I remember all of the people who helped me get treatment, get on my feet, get back to life.

I’ll be grateful should I reach this day. And I am so grateful for all of the 3,643 days I have lived thus far.  Grateful to be able to count back to that  darkness, and count the days to a lovely moment of wonder.

Wish us luck!

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