Dear White Folks in Africa: Sorry!

I don’t often get direct hate-mail, and certainly not hate-mail from the Motherland. Today, not only did those streams get crossed, I’ve been advised that, somehow, I will be responsible for the safety of whites in Africa.

“But Mollena,” you thoughtfully inquire, “…what in the actual fuck?”

Read on, my friend. Read on.

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018, 11:07 PM Vital Sign < wrote:

I saw Tumblr banned raceplay December 19. Here in Africa we don’t feel like African Americans. We are highly offended by your clips that you make. I have a plan to upload your clips in radical sites in africa. Then you will see how the youth react to whites live among us here in Africa. We area 1.2 billion white maybe 10million. I will upload your disgusting clips in local sites in Africa. Your clips make us disgusted . Your white prostitutes insults all black men as a whole. We never been in slavery. We are proud. So I will upload your missyplantaion disgusting clips in local radical sites and some have to take responsibility. I told one porn site I am going to upload the raceplay clip I saw on thier site to the local site here in Africa. They deleted it immediately. You are the one who created raceplay that doesn’t represent 1.2 billion Africans. You white stunts in your workshop insults all blacks as a whole not people who are in that sick fetish. So you are a sell out cheap black woman trade your own community. Here in Africa we are proud.. if I upload your clips the youth clean out the whites. So be careful you playing with innocent white people life.

I…do not have scene clips on Tumblr so that’s confusing!

And wow! I CREATED race-play…? Get my plaque in the Perversion Hall of Fame bronzed, y’all!

I’m not at all sure how this threat to whites will fall out. But if I can do my bit to decolonize, I am 1000% here for it.

It may be the “missyplantation disgusting clips” they are speaking of is the ONE VIDEO from my International Ms Leather performance…in which case, they missed the point entirely! And if they even managed to find that one, they’ve spent a whole lot of time researching my history!

But hey, I wish them well in their quest to blame a Black gal from the USA for toying with the well-being of the descents of the colonisers who kicked their asses in many instances and left wounds from which many countries still have yet to recover.

I’ll be over here, waiting for the news of The Great Raceplay Purge.

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