Sep 272011

Strong Slaves, Bodacious Bottoms & Ass-Kicking Submissives:
Embracing Dichotomy


Tuesday, October 04, 2011
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
SF Citadel, 1277 Mission Street, SF, CA
dress code: whatever makes you happy
Presented by Mollena (Mo) Williams


Self-identification is difficult for anyone in the alternative lifestyle. It can be even more challenging for people who see themselves as strong in their lives but desirous of submission. There is a great deal of pressure in the BDSM community to “seem submissive,” so what do you do when you see yourself as strong and fierce and yet crave mastery and domination?



Believe me, you are not alone. There are many submissives and bottoms and slaves who are strong and independent and finding their way through the maze of the Kink Community! This class is an intense discussion of self-assessment personal identification, passion and power. From those who struggle with their desire to submit, to those who strive for greater strength of purpose, this class will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with the like-minded and suss out your strength in an open setting. And for tops dominants and masters, this is an excellent opportunity to get into the mind of those who are strong and embrace the dichotomy of strength in submission and freedom in slavery!


Aug 302011

Sometimes, you gotta get off the highway.

On Sunday, September 5th, 2010, I got hit in the face with an epiphany about my journey in Leather, in slavery, that shifted my paradigm, re-routed a stifling blockage of self-pity, and enabled me to take back a part of me that felt broken and damaged.


It was a massive reset.


I was at the Master/Slave conference. I was looking forward to attending a class by Skip Chasey, and early on in the course of the discussion, he expounded on one of his more controversial positions: that mastery and slavery were arts that one could only be said to be engaging in if they were actively doing so. You couldn’t call yourself a master if you weren’t the owner of a slave, and an unowned slave wasn’t able to be called such. This was a sickening drop for me…and it only got worse when he referred to those who weren’t actively walking the path as “wannabees”


I was wrecked. Continue reading »

Apr 202011

Leather ReignI’ve been invited to do keynotes at Leather / Kink events a handful of times, and as someone who doesn’t really believe in writing speeches, this always throws me into a blind panic. Yes, one of my own making but I personally challenge myself to life up to the challenge of what speeches are, IMO, meant to be: spoken in the moment.

This past winter I was to speak at Leather Reign up in Seattle and I was nervous as fuck. Shout outs to Sheryn B., who tossed me a nugget from which to jump off for the speech and also props to The Dominant Guy, for patience with my hamsterbrain flipmode meanderings in the days leading up to the speechification.

I hope you dig it.


Mar 022011

I have now, in the past 3 days, seen 4-5 threads about newcomers complaining about the lack of kink, sex, and fuckery at Munches. If you read the history, you’ll see what happens when Munches deviate from this rule. And some folks in the PNW re-learned this lesson the hard way recently.

Dating and “getting to know folks” is IMPORTANT. Pervs oft forget this in the flush of excitement in having found community. Munches are a fabulous way to socialize in a safer setting. Picking up a trick is not the stated purpose, Sure, yes, it is an occasional benefit! But to keep the arty moving, ant to make it beneficial to the broadest number of people, it has to be chill.

And hey, I’d love to hear from Munch organizers about their experiences managing Munches, keeping them safe, and how they foster community.

So for those bitching…perhaps you failed to look up what the fuck a Munch actually is?

Lets do that, shall we? I’m-a cut and paste it to spare your clicking finger from even having to click. That’s how nice I am. :-P


Munch (BDSM)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A munch (short for burger munch) is a low-pressure social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM, usually at a restaurant. When available, munches often use a private room. In the UK, the venue is usually a pub, and people are free to arrive and leave within the specified hours. The primary purpose is socializing, though some munches also have announcements from local organizations. Munches often help those who are curious about the lifestyle meet others who may be able to help them become more comfortable and better informed. Munches can also be a place to get advice about or pass on anecdotes about BDSM experiences.

Unlike a play party, most munches are casual affairs that exclude fetish attire or BDSM play, though a rare few include covert Master/slave interactions or other play. Some munches may have a specific focus, such as spirituality or whips. Others may be restricted to a specific group, such as women or submissives.


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Aug 312010

Having Family, whether the one into which you are born, the one you make, the one you stumble into, or the one that welcomes you in, is vital. I have several Families to whom I belong, and they play various roles in my life. My born family, my Hunter Family, my Theater family, my Family in Recovery…the Family of fellow Titleholders, my small circle of Leather Family, the Family that is my theater company, Crowded Fire…my new far-flung International Family of fellow Leatherfolk and Kinky peeps.

Regardless of whatever draws Family together, what keeps Family together is a common desire for camaraderie, support, love, and a “safe haven” from the slings and arrows, the judgement and ebb and flow of the default world. For Leatherfolks, this can be lifesaving: we sometimes can’t hope to find unconditional acceptance “Out There.” So. We make our own Family. Continue reading »

Jul 312010

I was invited to Stockholm to speak on BDSM at Camp WISH and at Stockholm Pride. Amazing honors, incredible women. Some trying obstacles in my own life, but so much learned. I’ve made some new friends I am pretty sure I will have in my life for a while to come. And I love, love Sweden!

Then yet another humbling miracle.

The Scandinavian Leathermen SLM have never invited a woman to roll with them in Pride. The honor goes to Klara of RFSL and Lilaa of WISH Camp for laying the groundwork for International Brother & Sisterhood in Leather.

I will add more as I can…this adventure is already amazing. And even the obstacles that seemed terrible losses at first have reminded me that for all I lose, I gane tenfold in new opportunities.

Next stop? Berlin!

Jun 092010

Nah, it ain’t some crunchy navel-gazing post. I am on my way ot the Southeast Leatherfest. And, believe it or not, this will be the first time I’ve traveled to a leather event at which I was NOT presenting since my very first Black Rose back in in 1998.

What  long strange trip it’s been.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my “twin” Q, and meeting new folks…and checking out the five (!!!) Titleholder contests being held there.

What I am VERY much looking forward to is not having to fret about classes, about formal appearances, about having to be somewhere.

Long time coming I get to be a Citizen at a Leather Event! much of a Citizen as I can ever be with my crazy-ass self.

Are you gonna be there? Let me know, and do say hello!

May 142010

Thank you to my friend Pinky, for IMsL2010 Barbie!

It has been a month since the International Ms Leather contest. One month ago today, I was in a dazed haze, worrying about the opening number, freaking out about the interview, praying I wouldn’t completely melt down before the weekend was over.

Thanks to Glenda, tomo, Ms. Rhonda and Levi for pulling together a stellar group of people to make this event happen.

Thanks to my friend Tee, for pulling it (and me) all together.

Thank you, Patti for anchoring me backstage.

Endless thanks to everyone who donated to help IMsL’s silent auction.

Thanks to Lamalani and Pony, for setting the stage and showing us how that shit is DONE. Continue reading »

Mar 302010

Get your tickets now!

YES! I microwaved and updated my shit for a new streamlined version of the original smash hit 4-peater, 69Stories: One Pervert’s Tale!

Some of your fave old school stories, some new even stickier stories, a few years of sobriety and the chance to intimately probe my brain are what’s new!
Read all about it in the official fancy press release and click the postcard above to buy tickets!
Mar 252010

The morning after...welts courtesy Lady Hilary & The Marine.

A couple of weeks ago my full-time employment-centric lifestyle evaporated, much more quickly that I thought would be the case in my life. That same week I received word that my roomie, who is awesome, was moving out as she and her girlfriend had found a place.

All this as I was returning from a trip back east to DC for a conference and was bracing for the long trip to Chicago and NY.

Additionally I had an impossibly full weekend with the Mr. SF Leather contest, and I was slated to do a demo for a dungeon party and was having the damnedest time finding a demo top I could trust to do the type of play you need to do for a demo, and with whom I had some connection.

I happened to luck out. Big time.

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