Aug 282012

I found out last week that my one remaining cat, Wedge, was sick. But I guess i can’t call him mine because I’d tried to find him a home before i left California so that his life would be more stable. As I found out last week, his life wasn’t all that stable after all. He had some rough times…and got sick. But today at 11:00 PDT, his troubles will be over.

Please find peace, Wedge. I am sorry. I will miss you every day, just as I miss your brother Biggs.


Jul 012011

This is. Huh. It is Rambly noodlings about a scene I did with Graydancer at the Dark Odyssey Fusion camp. You can hear his side of the story (and it is pretty frikin’ cool, to be honest) on the Ropecast. It starts at the half hour point.

Showing off, connection and playing to safeword.

I need to say thanks specifically to Gray for undertaking this scene. Though it wasn’t “fun” or “sexy” it was a chance for both of us to take some nasty creatures for a walk.

I just discovered the audio sync is fucked on this file :-( I don’t know what happened. SO, just minimize the video and listen to it. Sorry about that. FML.

Thanks also to my Family peeps, Ava and SherynB for being there for us for post-scene management. And for not continuing to torture me. Though I know it was tough, because apparently I am quite fetching when heaving with sobs, drenched in tears and sweat and groveling.  I am very grateful to have these people in my life. And thanks to JonK for wrangling Ava, since everyone needs staff!

I have pretty awesome friends.

Apr 272011

Every once in a while something really gets into my head accidentally. A song may trigger a really profound reaction. And I script entire visual symphonies to go along with the music. Sometimes   they are very abstract, sometimes they are novels of Chekhovian scope that unfurl in the handful of minutes it takes to listen to a a single track.

Cesaria Evoria is a force. I adore her work and her voice. I saw her in concert and had a hangover when I left from insufficient respiration.  There a duet with her and Tania Libertad covering “La Historia De Un Amor” and a fortuitously broken link lead me to this version.

It is breathtaking, beautiful and violent and sensual and since I like my love like that this spoke to me.

Dig it.



There is a good line-by-line translation here.

The lyrics are…

Ya no estás más a mi lado, corazón
En el alma solo tengo soledad
Y si ya no puedo verte
Porque Dios me hizo quererte
Para hacerme sufrir más

Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir
Adorarte para mí fue religión
Y en tus besos yo encontraba
El calor que me brindaba
El amor, y la pasión

Es la historia de un amor
Como no hay otro igual
Que me hizo comprender
Todo el bien, todo el mal

Que le dio luz a mi vida
Apagándola después
Ay que vida* tan obscura
Sin tu amor no viviré…



*This version says “noche” as in “night” rather than “vida” (Life)

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Apr 082010


For those who weren’t jammed the FUCK into the Happy Ending Lounge for In The Flesh NYC on March 18th, your time has come!

I performed one of my favorite stories there. You can read it here and you can watch it below.

Here is the first part…

…and here is the rest!

Enjoy! And thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel for all of her hard work and awesomesauciness!

Nov 152009

Been a while so here we go with a simple little reminder to Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Kissing is awesome. Awesome and underrated. I know I’m not alone in feeling that the intimacy of a kiss is a profound one. Back when I used to occasionally go in for casual hook-ups, it wasn’t unusual of the kissing to be either non-existent or perfunctory, at best, with that seemingly silly mode of sensual communication stowed in favor of getting down to fucking.

Which is delightful. I’m a fan of the fuck. However I’m also a fan of the depth of intimacy it takes to deeply kiss someone, to focus on that, and I am a SuperFan of open-eye kissing. I know it might sound odd or far-fetched but I have had times where I have actually had full-body orgasmic response from a good make-out session, and though it might be surprising to the person with whom I’m making out, in all of my career I’ve only received one complaint, and that guy can go fuck himself.

…but I digress…

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