Feb 092010

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I’m always a little “!!!?!?!?!?” when people mention, quote or talk about me in their writings.  But it makes all the gut-wrenching puling moaning and late night Waaaaaaaaaambulance calls worth it, if someone else can share in it with me.

My entree to sex was awesome: I was 15, he was 18, we fucked all the time, eventually became a triad for a while, had kinky sex games….win.  My entree into BDSM was awesome. I had a love-at-first-sight star-studded multi-city romance with a sexy musician who changed my perception and I eventually came out kinky in to the bosom of the crème de la crème of the BDSM community.

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Nov 202009

Look, Ma! New Tech!

Welcome to what will probably be a new regular feature on The Perverted Negress!

I can talk and you can listen and I don’t have to fucking type. What’s not to LOVE?!

Check out the post on race play inspired by Jaki, who sent me a message on FetLife and then motivated me to respond.

Now, with no further buttfuckery, you can listen to me nattering for a bit here!

Obviously, this isn’t comprehensive but I hope it gives a little insight to interested parties and the curious. Feel free to post your comments, but be advised, asshole douchebaggery won’t be tolerated. I will hex you. Srsly.

Love and fluffybunbuns!


Oct 062009

Booya!Too many people, overwhelmingly on the bottom / submissive side of the kink equation, have a tendency to have a “let it slide” attitude.

You know.

You meet someone, they are very aggressive on the first date, move too fast, but because you emerge unscathed, you “let it slide.”

Someone pushes a limit, but maybe you didn’t make it clear…maybe it is your fault…so you “let it slide.”

Someone talks about you to another person in a manner that is derogatory or too personal or just makes you uncomfortable and rather than addressing them directly about your feelings you “let it slide.”

Well, fucking stop that shit.

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Sep 232009
NO gain, NO yummy bruises either...

NO gain, NO yummy bruises either...

I started noticing it when I was in the late-stages of my first kink relationship. The late stage where the sex and kink die-off, you aren’t playing as often, maybe the thrill is gone or you’re in line with 2-5 other women waiting to be slotted in at the dominant’s convenience.

And then it began.

I’d stub my toe three times in one day. Bang my arm into the wall of my cubicle. Smack my head on an open cabinet, and stumble back, wincing from the sudden pain that woke me out of whatever reverie I’d been in.

It didn’t take me too long to make an interesting connection.

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Aug 212009
What kills me is that no less than SEVEN peoplethough I was Q at Beyond Leather. Um....

What kills me is that no less than SEVEN people thought I was Q at Beyond Leather. Um....

On the way to Floating World I ran into a couple of moments of Zen. The first was cool: I ran into the charming and dope ass Q in the terminal. Q was on the way to the Butch Voices Conference, even as I was headed back east for Floating World. We chatted a bit in the terminal and I marveled at how lovely it is to have friends and have paths cross in such synchronous way.

Another moment of Zen where I’d royally fucked up a plane reservation. See, Continental lets you hold a reservation for 24 hours and cancel with no harm, no foul before 24 hours when your booking. And hey, if you happen to find a cheaper fare on, say, Air Tran, you can run back all “BOOYA in your FACE Continental, I got the cheaper fare!!”  then wriggle in your chair like you da fuckin’ MAN!

Buuuut of course if you forget to cancel the Continental ticket you instead are whinging on the phone to Air Tran and taking a $75 hit as a Dork Tax.

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Aug 212009

Sugasm #171

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This Week’s Picks
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“But is it fair? Is it right?”

Sugasm Editor
Review: Babeland’s Under The Bed Restraints

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Aug 202009

I’ve never worn this skirt.

Sure, it is innocuous. Not even that clingy for a latex garment. But as a fat girl I don’t see latex modeled much for women my size.

SO, I can never imagine myself in it, clingy and revealing or no.

But I’m fucking tired of being self-conscious so I dragged out this little flippy latex cheerleader skirt from hiding in the bottom of my bottom drawer. My main fetishwear drawer.

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Aug 162009

This is a video of my inaugural performance at the Bawdy Storytelling in San Francisco. Curated by Dixie DeLaTour, the “Bawdy Storytelling”  is an awesome chance for people to share their lascivious lives and adult adventures! This is my first time sharing about some personal and controversial stuff in this context. Since it wasn’t a class, and I didn’t have to give qualifiers, warnings, caveats and such, I really felt free to enjoy myself and just tell the damned stories.

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