Oct 152009
Guys, seriously. Get tix in advance and pop the extra ducats for a guaranteed seat. Your feet will thank you!


Ms. S.F. Leather is holding its first title contest since 1999!!

Contest Weekend Events

Friday, Oct. 16 – Ms. SF Leather Meet & Greet – Emceed by the fabulous Sister Sarah Femme! Meet the contestants and judges! Try to figure out who the MYSTERY JUDGE might be! CA Community Bootblack, Blast will be there to get your leathers in top shape before the contest! Also, there will be a chance for you to submit questions that could be used on stage during the “pop question” portion of the contest! at the SF Eagle, 398 12th St., SF, 8:30pm-10:30pm, Cost: FREE

Saturday, Oct. 17 – Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest – Emceed by the incomparable Queen Cougar, Ms. S.F. Leather ‘93! Enjoy watching our 5 fabulous contestants be put through their paces! The contest evening features speech, pop question, and – everybody’s favorite – Fantasies! Silent Auction! CA Community Bootblack, Blast, available when the doors open and during intermission! Net proceeds will be donated to LYRIC and the Transgender Law Center!

Space is wheelchair accessible, and we will have sign-language interpreters.

Location: The Blue Macaw, 2565 Mission St., SF. Doors open at 5:30pm

Cost: General Admission: $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Please note: seating is limited, and a General Admission ticket does not guarantee a seat. Available seating is first-come, first-served*.

*If you require a seat for health reasons, please alert an usher upon arrival.

Also available: Preferred Seating for $20 in advance or $25 at the door. (if not sold out) Advanced tickets may be purchased online from www.Frantix.net

The Blue Macaw is a great, spacious venue with food and full bar available.

Getting There: Near the 24th St/Mission BART stop. Several muni lines run nearby, including the #14 Mission. There is also a nearby parking garage, on 21st St. between Valencia and Mission.

After-contest opportunities

Open play party at the Citadel – membership requirement waived for contest attendees!

Drop by Wicked Grounds to re-hash your favorite moments. Sunday: Brunch at Dolores Park Cafe, 11:00.

Oct 192008

Journeyman Academy.

A hearty Huzzah!!! To those graduating today from the Journeyman III Academy.

Your commitment and dedication is an inspiration to those in the Leather Lifestyle who strive to better themselves and better serve.

I am proud to call many of you friends and a few of you Family.

There are many paths to choose when you begin to explore your self, your sexuality and your life through the lens of BDSM and for those dedicated enough to make this Lifestyle their focus, this singular honor is well earned and lovingly bestowed by your mentors, peers and teachers alike.

Thank you for your love, your service and your fortitude!

Oct 062008

Sometimes, people who are involved in kink feel compelled try to explain to non-kink identified people why we do this kinky shit at all.

Often, pervs will talk about their kink as though only other pervs do what we do, and no non kinky human can ever understand the “Depth” of service.

The thing about dominance and submission is this: we pervs make a bigger fucking deal of it than is often necessary simply because we have fetishized it.

But really, we ALL SUBMIT. EVERY DAY. To traffic lights, to social mores, to the limitations of human flesh.

Trying to break down what submission means so that I can understand my own kink more effectively is important to me. I strive to express my life in Leather in a way that encourages people to think “Oh, OK, I get that. Tell me more!” rather than “Oh god, what the hell?! That is just too much!”

That’s part of the reason I’m here: to publicly talk myself through my journey, narrate my story, and let you peek into the windows or even ride along. if you choose!

I find many things in my life that bring me to a submissive head-space.

A simple example that not too long ago made me remember why service is so important for me was making tea for someone I was getting to know. It was not full-on high protocol service, just two people sitting and having a hot pot of tea. Talking.

However my reflexes and heightened observation kicked in, for whatever reason. Small refreshment was brought out, the level of sugar noted for the first cup so that it could be remembered for the second, the cup handle turned upon presentation so that he would not have to re-arrange the cup to drink from it, the refill before it was necessary, and fresh pot prepared so that there was no break in the service. Even the moment bridged when the “last cup” has been politely declined, but you note a hesitation, so slight, when you continue to drink yours, and you then offer another pot without asking, taking the risk of putting your service out there. A small thing, but in the heart when it is openly serving, a slight misstep can seem profoundly devastating. All it takes to make this service well and truly received is a sincere connected acknowledgment. THAT is the dropping of ego, when you connect to the service offered as a part of the person who has offered to you the most elusive of things in this world, and that is their time and their energy and their focus.

Yeah, serving tea is a fucking trip, man.

Sep 112008

I stay away from online drama. I have been doing the “online thing” for a while now. Not as long as some, but longer than others.

I still become honestly puzzled by people who assume that a common sexual bent will somehow filter out jerks, losers, douchebags, whiners, predators, evil beings, and just plain old fashioned annoying folks.

The BDSM “Scene”, the Leather Community, all of these things are, at best, a skewed microcosm.

Don’t be so foolish as to think that bonding over bondage makes the person next to you on that St. Andrew’s Cross any more intelligent, sensitive, or open-minded than the guy depositing your check at the bank.

In the same way that a safeword provides only a modicum of insurance (some would argue a false sense of security as well) the “feeling of community” does NOT assure you that all is warm and fuzzy.

In fact, I feel it is an insult to the individuality and humanity of the people who make up any sub-group to ascribe an ethical code that is supposedly to be held as law by all.

This is LIFE. There are gonna be bad actors as well as dreamboats.

Be responsible. Protect yourself. This (gestures vaguely) around you is not your own persona playpen. No bubble-wrap is handed to you at the door when you come out of the cold and declare your pervitude.

I take community where I can find it. Some aspects of it work for me, other aspects of it do not. But I look askance at the flamewar junkies, the perpetual victims, the white knights, the provocateurs, the soapboxers,etc. We ALL feel that way sometimes! But to make it the baseline in the song of your life makes you about as danceable as a fucking Philip Glass “symphony”

I would never spend my time writing something or speaking on a subject that did not really truly compel me in my heart.

This is not true of everyone.

The heart of the “troll” is FUELED by the mere swirling of controversy. We’ve all seen this. The excessively provocative post on a blog, the snide comment in an e-mail. And Most of us fall prey at some time.

Because we are human.

I love the Leather Community.

I love it because It is made up of PEOPLE. People who are everything from never-been-kissed twenty-somethings dreaming of their Very First Bondage scene to a very real predator who may well be Out To Get You.

Because that is LIFE, and I love life.

I cannot say that I have not been sucked into controversy in the past.

I remember one of the first flamewars I which I was involved gave me headaches and woke me up crying in the middle of the night. And the funny thing is, involved were people I ACTUALLY KNEW and would see at the next dungeon party, Munch, what have you. This kind of kept us honest. Being a prick anonymously from behind your keyboard and spewing your venom is a facile exercise when you can be reasonably assured that you won’t be glaring over a patty melt across from the person whose intelligence, punctuation, honor and grammar you have trounced.

As I become more and more involved on all sides of the Leather Community…the business end, the entertainment side, the Educational facet, all I see in sharper focus is this:


And I love that.