National Public Radio, Snap Judgement & Me!

This is, eerily, almost exactly what it looked like.

This is, eerily, almost exactly what it looked like.

I grew up listening to NPR as a kid. I have always been a fan and a contributor, even if it is just a few dollars during lean times. I have immense respect for radio by and for the people, sans massive corporate oversight.

When Glynn Washington’s show Snap Judgement first hit, I wistfully wished I could, somehow, step up to the plate and be good enough to share one of my stories with them, to be a part of something that has been a part of my life for as long as I have memory.

And last year that happened, thanks to the fantastic Julia DeWitt, a producer for Snap Judgement who came to see me perform at Porchlight Storytelling…another humbling experience.

My story on meeting, fighting and embracing my demon aired last year, and that was quite fucking awesome.

Even more wonderfully, I was invited back to tel another story. This one’s about me and my Dad and a boat. A boat he built in our living room in the Johnson Projects in East Harlem.

Have a listen..and thank you. A life lived in stories bears sharing, and my sharing helps me stay anchored in now and mindful of the journeying it takes to get me to this moment.

And this one.

And this.

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