Conversations with the Perverted Negress – Episodes 4A & 4B!

pufferfishPart 4A & 4B is here! Technical difficulties lead me to have to cut in the middle of one recording and so yeah, extra nugs for you.

Getting hyphy with the hypotheticals: fantasies vs. realities and edgeplay in daily life. We talk about the hotness of attention to detail, the randomness of stutters, why I avoid the word SmörgÃ¥sbord, and why pufferfish  dominance isn’t always the move.

aaaaand then the system crashes.

So we (mostly) pick up where we left off for another full episode. Ain’t y’all lucky? Enjoy!
We riff on handles, scene names, and why it is weird to call J.P. “The Control Enthusiast,” and archetypes of dominance. Conversation also jumps around all over D/S negotiations, how power structures in these relationships work…or don’t. Talking also happens about hunger and why you can’t make your choices from a place of privation. I was inspired by this segment to write “Beware Hunger,” a recent post.

Apologies for sound quality weirdness here and there!  This is the penultimate installment to this opening salvo series with JP, so come back tomorrow for more…or better yet, subscribe to the podcast!

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