Be “That Guy.”

All Day. Every Day.

All Day. Every Day.

Some people wonder what they can do when everyone else is following along one path.

“I’m just one person.” they insist.

“I don’t have the same ‘high-profile you have,” they tell me “nobody will listen to me.”

“Yeah, I know that person / presenter / event / group / Munch is slack on shitty behaviour….or hey, maybe they’re committing the shitty behaviour. But what can I DO ON MY OWN??”

You can be one person. One person tends to become three people. Then five.

Sitting and muttering behind your keyboard isn’t helping. Making excuses as to why you’re gonna go to that party – even though someone you know to be an asshole is running it – isn’t helping.

Not speaking up because people won’t like you, because people will dispute your story, because your truth doesn’t fit into a neat little box? It isn’t helping.

I KNOW how much it sucks to see shitty people get away with shitty behaviour. And I KNOW how much it sucks to have people talk shit about you. But I am also aware how much it takes for a real grassroots movement to take hold.

So, hey, look, grassroots take up root one seed at a damn time. Please ask the questions. Please do not patronize events and places where jerks, assholes, predators and liars are given free rein. Please make informed choices. Please do not let shit slide because you don’t wanna make waves.

We are the descendants of the shit-stirrers and wave-makers. We are here to do it differently.

Don’t stop now. Be “that guy” and step up to the plate. DO the risky thing. Because if you don’t, you cannot expect anyone else to do it.

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