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Namaste Exhale

Namaste, namaste!

I am superfucking picky about reviewing shit, endorsing stuff, reviewing toys, permitting advertising on my site…all that shit. Why? because I’m lazy. Yep. I often do not wanna do the work it takes to vet people, places and things for inclusion on my site.

(That’l likely change soon, because I need to monetize this fucker. Bandwidth don’t pay for itself!)

However, in this case, I’m-a straight up plug & push a retreat that is being created by a woman I love and respect very much.

When I say I don’t look up to many people in the Leather Lifestyle, people assume it is because I’m a snobby asshole. OK point. But the MAIN reason is that my heart & soul can REALLY only “look up” to people who resonate with me on a number of levels . One of the basic levels is a woman who identifies as powerful, who is submissive, and identifies as a slave and is also Black.

So, you can see why the field is fucking narrow.

Reading about Viola Johnson’s life inspired me, and through the intervening yeas she has established a special place in my heart and journey. As a storyteller, as a slave, as a Black woman, as an articulate proponent of the Leather lifestyle, her story “got” my heart.

When I met Namaste, there was a similar “got.” And, like Vi, she had what I wanted. Solid m/s relationships based on trust and love and respect and all of that good shit. She is one of a small, SMALL handful of people who, if they offered me an unsolicited bitchslap upside the head would prompt me to sit down and STFU and listen rather than offer condolences to their family. She is intuitive, and wise, and present, and strong. She talks the talk AND walks the walk. Well, she doesn’t so much walk as flit along with sparkly fairy wings and shit, but that’s just how she rolls.

SO when I say “Hey, you wanna get some truths? Go to her thing.” this is the why.

She’s doing a retreat based on embracing “the feminine principles” and all that entails.  Yeah yeah I know, and if it ain’t for you, cool. However. There are so many people I meet who struggle with the idea that who they are isn’t Feminist, isn’t Politically Correct…and it burns me to see people deny themselves ANYTHING CONSENSUAL that FULFILLS them based on bowing to someone else’s ideals.

EXHALE – A Space for Women

So, check out her site, look at the retreat, and take a moment, as I have done today, to send a shout out to the people who inspire and continue to motivate the YOU you wish to embody.


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