Herr Meister & Me at Playground 2015

12248763_10153790739566081_787317437_nIt had been years of me trying to get up to Toronto for the Playground Sexuality Conference. After much arm twisting and bullying, Canadian style (which of course means people saying shit like “It’s be great to see you up here, eh?”) time and tides finally made it happen. I was invited to give a keynote, and since I would be travelling with my Spousemeister, we decided to co-present ourselves for the evening.

As it was, Der Spousemeister had a little thing called “Morgen und Abend” opening at a little place called the Royal Opera House the night after the conference opened, meaning that if we hauled ass pretty much right after the show closed, we could make it.

Not knowing exactly how grueling the week before this little excursion would be, what with two lectures in two countries and a gangbang in a third all within four days…and having NO IDEA I’d be spending three weeks persuading my beloved husband-and-owner to not commit brutal acts of throatpunchicide upon the surly, disrespectful and inept conductor and/or the divotastic and bemusingly temperamental non-singing performer in the opera, I blithely booked this thinking “OK great, we are international jet setters! We can totally do this!”

And we did it, but man were we fucking tired. SO, here ’tis! Most of it was captured on video.

Big shouts out to Samantha for making Playground totally worth it, even for one night. And to my homie JP Robichaud, for keeping me in the running. (We’ll get it together for that podcast one of these days, bro…I just need to find us a producer to do the grunt work!)

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