Playboy me, Baby!

Oh it now!

I am thrilled to share a segment recently recorded with Chip Rowe for The Playboy Advisor! The full show is only available on Sirrius Radio, but the producers were kind enough to provide me with the audio for my segment, where I was given a few minutes to talk about my book! Mollena on The…

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Ask The Negress: Breakup Voodoo.

From Formspring… Q: When a relationship ends, what is the best approach for moving on and regaining self, things that you lost while in that relationship? A: This is so mutable. (Which is OK. Gemini’s a mutable sign. I’m good) The circumstances of the relationship have EVERYTHING to do with the breakup. How long was…

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Ask The Negress: Privacy & Perversion.

This new Formspring thing is pretty amazing. I’ve been blessed with some amazing questions, and have seen some wonderful answers to questions I’ve asked. One in particular has been resonating for many people, so I wanted to post it here. I’m coming (painfully) out of my first relationship that had a true BDSM element, but…

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