YouTube’s Gordian “Not.”

What is this clusterfuck?!?

You can post video of children swearing profanely, underage kids pelvic grinding, any animal you can misspell having carnal pleasures, all manner of deadly real-time snuff clips, but a couple of guys tying knots is pulled.


Nice work.

Don’t get me wrong. I love vids of little kids saying “Fuck” and guys getting popped in the grapes as much as the next freak..

Actually, probably FAR MORE than the next freak.

But this is really quite irritating.

The Two Knotty Boys are BDSM Educators, and they share their expertise for free. Isn’t that nice?


Yes, it is.

Now YouTube had pulled all of their stuff, and that makes me snippy.

Listen, people, if you are reading my blog you are probably already donning your naughty choir robe and singing along with me. And yes. An online petition is, generally, not worth the pixels that died to bring you it.


This is YouTube about which we are talking, and maybe, just maybe, if enough rabble rousers rouse their rabble the 2KB’s account and videos can be reinstated.

Even for YouTube, the level of traffic and commentary on the Two Knotty Boys videos was commensurate with cognoscenti seeking out useful knowledge, not prurient predatory pricks doing some nasty ejaculatory tricks.

Sign on, pass it along.

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