A (belated) “Thank You” to the good folks at APEX.

Yeah, I sometimes forget to say “Hey, that fucking ruled!” when something fucking rules.

So I belatedly wish to give a shout out to those awesome ass-kicking Kinksters living amidst the south-west sandstorms, sunsets, snakes and succulents.

APEX? Word, yo.

APEX? Word, yo.

Firstly to Red for her invitation and ease of negotiation. Red, ya kick ass. Keep on keeping on. Secondly to my magnanimous, magnificent hostess, Slave Tina. Spending time with her was finding old Soul Family. It is a humbling leap of faith to have a stranger in your home, and to provide care and support for them. She not only made me feel welcome, but gave me space when I just needed to curl up and nudged me when I needed to get up an out and let my hair down. Tina, you were beyond a home-stay, you made it feel like a homecoming. My most effusive words cannot fully express how much I was humbled and honored to be your guest.

APEX has a wonderful dungeon space, with welcoming energy, and I simply cannot say enough about how well I was treated, and with so much warmth and acceptance by the folks there.

I had a handful of attendees for the long-form class I taught, end even though I tend to be paradoxically horribly stage-affrighted when talking about kink in such an intimate group, I was as comfortable as if I was with friends of many years.

Thanks to Board Members Oden, for his warm welcome and for getting me in trouble by making me late for my own class, and Lady Joy, for her support and smile.

Thanks to the Church’s Chicken Lunch Crew, because damn. Sometimes a sister just needs some fucking fried chicken, yo!

Those calls of gratitude are, of course, also for the staffers and volunteers who put themselves out there. There were many of y’all who I met and who made me smile or think in ways for which I am eternally grateful. Don’t want to violate attendee confidentiality but you know who you are. Out yourselves here if you like!

You have a really solid strong and vibrant community in the arid, beautiful desert lands, APEX.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


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