Decadence, Debauchment & Doin’ it Dry.

About a week ago I received an invitation to a rather intriguing New Year’s Eve event.


For the uninitiated (this includes myself as I have never attended) you can read about the event here.

The gist is that the party focuses on setting a “Resolution,” of which other Debauched attendees will dutifully and gleefully do their best to relieve you.

Sounds intriguing, at the least. And when one of the Founders of the Feast personally invites you (kudos and thanks to you, Random!) how can one say no?

I hemmed and hawed and decided upon a resolution to display on my laminate, the purpose of which is to identify what fervid fantasy you are clinging to with a coy, faux intensity. A clue to the nature of which may be found in my recent post about that which I have yet to explore in my kinky travels, trials and travails.

In perusing the layout for the shindig, I started to ponder a reality about the party: unlike most kink events, tharr be booze! Lots of it.

Dabaucherama - A maze of iniquity

Usually, kinky themed parties here in the Bay Area are dry. I’ve traveled to other cites where this is more relaxed. But not a sex party in a venue with not only a bar but specifically, and additionally, an Absinthe bar.

I’m curious to see how the event flows. am sure that not everyone there will overindulge…but there will almost certainly be those who do. While I am not uncomfortable being around those simmering in boozification, I am not sure how I feel about being in a play or sexually open social scene with those who may be in a place of impairment.

So, in addition to my resolution to [REDACTED] in 2009, I’ve listed my name thusly:

Mollena Williams, Teetotaler

Because I’m not anonymous about being a kinky pervert, or about being sober!

Let’s see what adventures this may bring…any of my sober kinksters getting Debauched this NYE? Holler!

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1 Comment

  1. whittles on December 29, 2008 at 5:54 PM

    Hey hun,
    My sweetie’s gonna be bartending this one. Say hi to him from me!