Mar 182009

I got on a bit of a riff today about there not being much variation in the BDSM and Bondage community when it comes to size and color, etc.

 I know a few people who make that effort…my dear friend Mistress Heart has done a wonderful job with her Women Of Color  Photo Project.

Thick Bondage.

Big girls. Big Bondage. 'Nuff Said.

But I think there is a market for people who wanna see fat girls, and those who think we’re imminently fuckable and look awesome in bondage.

 SO, I ran out and bought a domain and now and sitting here thinkin’…huh….what now?

You can sign up at the site for developments…and you can contact me if you might wish to model, or get content up there, or…yeah!

Kind of excited!

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  8 Responses to “Where all the fat girls at?”

  1. I totally agree, especially in the BDSM industry, there’s not enough big girls of color represented.

    Im with you 100%

  2. You already know my opinion on thick ladies in bondage.

  3. I say again, FUCK YES. If at some point I make content it is yours.

  4. Oh, this is so awesome! I wish I could be part of something like this!

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