Jul 172009

I was lamenting the fact that I had not only the bitterness of not being able to perform in the run of the musical I’d been rehearsing for months, but also how that had precluded my being able to take a presenter’s berth for few BDSM events.

Several I’d really been interested in I hadn’t even applied for, and why would I? I was busy busy.

Then, of course…not so much.

But The Lord (Ganesha, of course!) moves in mysterious ways, and I am tickled to announce that, in the past 3 days, I have been offered two spots at two different events on two different coasts!

My East Coast pervs, you ain’t rid of me yet because my happy black ass (soon to be my sweaty black ass…Jersey!?? in SUMMERTIME?!) will be at Floating World in August!

The Floating World 2009

I’ll be talking about Taboo Play, Playing with Race, and Role-Playing. Lots of fun, funky, fucked-up topics, for sure.

Then over Folsom Weekend and closer to home, I’ll be at one of the events nearest and dearest to my heart, the SM Odyssey Folsom Fringe.

SM Odyssey

Not sure what I’ll be on about at that event. Stay tuned!

Will I see you here or there? Will I see you everywhere?

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  8 Responses to “Salvaged from the Ashes.”

  1. well, love …. this give you time to people study…. in your line of work …. stuff like that comes in handy… sharpens the craft….

    lamesabassman….. take the minus and…. plus it…. challenge …

    • It gives me a LOT of time. And that is a gift that sure as HELL I have no desire to lose or squander ever, ever again.



  2. Please come to Thunder in the Mountains here in Denver some year, would you? I’d love to see you.

    • Hi Dev!

      Wow I would LOVE to have a chance t come too Thunder….I didn’t apply this year as I was supposed to be performing, but I will most likely toss my hat in the ring for 2010!

      I was booked for Denver Bound but it looks like that won’t be happening this year.

      Of course, if there are any groups that bring presenters to your neck-o-the-woods, nudge them my way! I’m pretty cheap and easy. *lol*



  3. OMG OMG OMG…I am finally gonna get to experience your class on race play!! But knowing my luck all three of your classes will be at the same time as the ones I’m demoing for.

    • THAT would be some kind of plot against you girl!!!

      Though this isn’t gonna be a demo class, I have a SHITLOAD of new shit to share on the topic. That is what I love about the way I teach: my shit is ALWAYS different. NEVER the same 2x.




  4. I’ll be at both events and look forward to seeing you again! xx

    • WIN!! That is so exciting! You are hereby cordially invited to hang out in my mini-suite @ Folsom Fringe. Yeah, so I splurged a little….



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