A Moment of Silence…

Mr. Marcus Hernandez.

Mr. Marcus Hernandez.

There are people who, by dint of their indefatigability and ubiquitousness, seem to literally be a part of the scenery of your life. The Bay Area Reporter and Marcus Henandez certainly weave bright threads in the tapestry of the Bay Area and the light shines on. Today I learned that Mr. Marcus Hernandez, longtime member and documenter of the Leather community, has passed away.

From his bio…

Celebrating his 37th year in 2007 as the leather columnist in San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter, (Mr.) Marcus Hernandez has been covering the worldwide leather scene since October 1971. He has authored articles and published photos to Drummer Magazine, The Leather Journal, the annual IML Program, the annual Int’l. Mr. Drummer Program and many other publications. His column apoears weekly in the newspaper and it’s web site www.Ebar.com. Partials of his column (mostly photos are also posted each week on http://www.MamasFamily.org.

Marcus has been honored as the Outstanding Columnist in the public voting for San Francisco’s Cable Car Awards so many times, he was taken out of contention and placed in the Hall of Fame in that category.He is considered the Dean of all leather columnists.

Marcus has received numerous other awards including two Pantheon of Leather awards, the National Emerald Award and tributes from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State of California and San Francisco’s Inter-Club Fund Motorcycle Awards the latest being Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. In 2006, he was awarded Man of the Year.

Marcus has been judging International Mr. Leather since 1980 and is now the Judge Emeritus for life on that panel. He has judged leather contests from coast to coast, in Canada and in Europe and is also the Judge Emeritus for the American Brotherhood Weekend titles. He was the Judges’ Coordinator for International Mr. Drummer for some seven years and served on the board of directors of the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest. He also produced the Mr. SF Leather Contest in September 2005.

The former mayor of San Francisco (Willie L. Brown, Jr.) honored Marcus by proclaiming the entire month of November 2000 as Mr. Marcus Month in honor of his 31st year milestone as the leather columnist in San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter.

Shine on, Sir.

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  1. thepinkpoppet on October 9, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    His death is a great loss to the SF area in general as he contributed much for so many years.

  2. Heart on October 20, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    I was there when they took down the BDSM flag at Castro & Market on Monday. It was a trip. I am glad I was able get a chance to see it.

    May he be in peace.