I’m a Bee!

Busy and bumbling, that is:-)

I am getting swamped by rehearsals for an amazing show I’m in, and you should come see it. Hell, I got peeps coming from bloody Wisconsin and Florida to see it! “Drip” is gonna be OUTSTANDING.

I am in the home stretch for the Ms. SF Leather Contest! Please to check out all of the freakin’ AWESOME folks who have donated to my Run Basket which will be auctioned off at the event! And if you are far away but have a local friend you should so totally do a proxy bid. Have your person on the ground keep an eye on the bidding for you! The retail value of the basket I have is at LEAST $850.00 AND COUNTING as donations are still coming in!!

Direct Link to Podcast Site

Direct Link to Podcast Site

Tonight I will be nattering on the Kink On Tap Podcast with MayMay and Emma, and my co-guest is none other than the hella famous Viviane of Viviane’s Sex Carnival.

So tune in at 5:00 PM PDT 8:00 PM EDT and whateverthehell time it is in them states in between and you Arizona people who gotta be so damned different.

Though I am so busy and feeling spread quite thin, I am being challenged in ways that allow me to surprise myself. And that is a good thing.

Of course, today I challenged myself by smacking myself insanely hard right in the mouth with my cell, which made me not only cry (much to my surprise…I don’t often cry from incidental pain) but rather ruefully reminded me that I might be back in a cycle of little accidents due to a pain deficit. As I have mentioned before, I tend to get this loopy when I’ve gone play-free for a while.

Hey, helps me keep that hungry edge, right? ;-)

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  1. I’m a Bee! on October 11, 2009 at 2:52 AM

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  2. thepinkpoppet on October 11, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    Loved listening to you on Kink-on-Tap. Was good.Wish I could have hung around longer but had to take off. You made some great points about many things. Hopefully some non-kinks listened and learned something helpful. LOL.But I doubt it. Thanks.