Ask The Negress: Q & A (with Kyle & Sasha!)

“When you’re feeling down or just run down, is there a favorite comfort food you tend to crave? And why?”




Have you listened to Double Meat ( I hear that it’s THE podcast for women who want to be “spit roasted” by 2 fat nerds. Also, how’s my hair look today?

~Sasha Pixlee


Hi Kyle! :-D

I really go for fat fat fat when I am feeling under it. Sweetfat or meatyfat. If I am needing sweetfat, I wil shove my face into the nearest Red Velvet Pasty I can find…if that isn’t forthcoming, a REALY good chocolate truffle or pudding. I need the mouthfeel.

If I need meatyfat, a fillet Mignon or fried chicken will suffice.


Sasha…ouch. I’m still dying laughing over here.

NO I haven’t listened to this…I am sitting here staring at the page in blank terror.

As to your hair. You seem to be bald, so I have to assume one of two things:

1) You are talking about your facial hair


2) You are talking about your public / body hair.

As I haven’t seen you today, or ever for that matter, I cant comment but now I am imagining you sitting there nekkid and hairy and that is cracking me up even more.

What was the question…?



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