Go away!

Yeah, welcome to my newest post…where I encourage you to LEAVE my blog and go read someone else’s.

While a Top and a bottom in BDSM experience different stress triggers and excitements, both produce body responses that brain must process and recover from. Whether it is a physical scene or a psychological one, the top receives pleasure while exerting emotional and mental control while the bottom produces chemical reactions to protect from the full effects of the treatment they are receiving.

~Saynine, in “Drop and Aftercare: a Discussion

A remarkable post from my buddy Saynine, wherein he gathers thoughts and opinions from people and goes all reporterish and shit.

It is  really well-balanced and thoughtful meditation on something we can take for granted, and that is aftercare, and how it can lead to “post scene ‘drop'”

SO check it out! And tell him I said “Wasuuuuuup?!?”

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