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I am deeply honored and delighted to have been invited to present and share at the Leather Leadership Conference XIV this April 9th-11th , in Detroit, Michigan! I am sure some of you will be in attendance, but I know that not everyone can do so.

I’m asking for your input, you thoughts, and your experiences.

I am presenting two classes that deal with the intricacies of being a “minority” and also a part of the BDSM and Leather Communities.  I have, in my years, spoken to hundreds of people on these topics, and I certainly enjoy incorporating folk’s experiences in my presentations.

If you’d like to share you story, your thoughts and feelings, please click on the “contact me” form on the upper right, and sound off! The good, the bad, the ugly and the downright WTF Hilarious, I want them all. When responding, please affirm that you agree to let me relay your story in part or in its entirety, and whether or you you wish to be specifically credited or remain anonymous.

Please spread the word!

Presentations for the

Leather Leadership Conference 2010

Being a Person of Color in the BDSM Community

While some kinksters embrace their Leather lifestyle with ease and nary a look back, others of us face difficult paths towards the leather lifestyle that are fraught with many pitfalls. One’s religious, cultural and racial heritage can add myriad layers and nuances to the process. Though some may view the Leather Community as a Utopian, Egalitarian enclave, it actually is a microcosm, full of all of the twists, turns, fears and hopes that haunt and inspire the rest of the world.

In this class, we will discuss some of the issues facing minorities as their numbers grow within the public BDSM community. Stereotyping? Racism? Classism? “Not in our Community!” you say? Think again. The speaker will share her own experiences in coming to terms with being a Black female with submissive and slave tendencies, and still reconciling those feelings with feelings of isolation, guilt, desire, loss and an intense need to be true to her path. EVERYONE is encouraged to attend; share your experiences or learn about the experiences of others in an open, accepting environment.


Creating A “safe space” for us to practice our BDSM, Kink and Leather lifestyles is often what binds us together as a Community. As the Community expands and grows, there are old struggles that are cast in a new light. while inclusivity of the full spectrum of humanity is often sought within our Community, the fact is that POC are often underrepresented. For many of us,  it is difficult to “come out” into the BDSM community. How much more difficult is it when you come into a community that bears little resemblance to your circle of friends, a party whree you are the only non-white person in the place? WTF can you do when you aren’t yourself a POC but absolutely wish to welcome all kinksters into your organization, group or event?

This discussion will embrace what it is that the BDSM and Leather community can do to create a safer space for POC, and empowering POC to take space, create space and maintain integrity. There is sure as hell not “One True Way” and there are sure to be bumps and bruises along the way. But opening yourself up for those risks with compassion and respect from all points of view will help us to discover WTF we can do as individuals, as groups, as organizations, as a Community…to be truly and openly inclusive.

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