At loose ends in Europe!

Hey folks!

Well, plans I had for the third week of my trip to Europe rather unfortunately and abruptly feel through.

If you happen to live in or have a flat in or know someone with a spare bedroom somewhere in Western Europe (somewhere served by EasyJet or RyanAir or the like) who might not mind putting up (with) a wandering pervert, drop me a line! I’m housebroken and friendly and helpful and all of that shit.  I’m looking for a place to land from August 7th ~ August 14th

The previous week, I’ll be in Berlin, so somewhere I can easily access from there would be awesome. Otherwise, anything may well go :-)



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1 Comment

  1. mollena on July 31, 2010 at 6:32 PM


    My plans re-gelled and all is well and I WILL be in Ireland!