Right now.

I certainly do not submit explicitly for delicious gourmet chocolates.


However, if TheDominantGuy wants to give me a beautiful and delicious confection, I am not going to let that impede my service.


He purchased the pink leopard-print chocolate for Mrs. TheDominantGuy. Holy crap seriously, it is really good chocolate.


This week was…is…has been a revelation. Unexpected in how wonderful it can be when I think a bit less and remain in my present space. Remarkable in that I certainly did not expect to find myself exploring…happily exploring a relationship where the explorations include very frank exchanges over supper with the wife of the guy I’ve spent the past few days happily trotting around with in an obedient, blissful haze.


Yeah, see this just goes to show? Expertise at predicting the future ain’t my forté.


What I can tell you is that I am at peace. I am unexpectedly happy. And I plan on working on keeping out of my own way. One of the remarkable things about my journey of late is that the less I hold onto my thoughts about what I insist I need to have, I find remarkable surprises in unexpected places. Vulnerability, connection, peace so profound I find myself now and then halting in my tracks, caught between laughing and tears.


I’ve rarely felt such ease in not knowing what lies ahead. It is remarkably liberating to experience peace within the comforting arms of…well, of uncertainty.  Because all I really can ever know is what is happening right now.


And now.


If I make peace with the fact that I have no idea what awaits me,  isn’t my  adventure all the sweeter?


Sweeter and wilder and delicious. Much like the chocolate which even now is melting a bit on my tongue.  Bittersweet. And gorgeous.


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  1. Wendy Blackheart on February 9, 2011 at 4:31 AM

    !! yay!