To the Attendees of IMsL 2011: Thank You For Making A Difference.

This is a quick note to give a heartfelt hearty


to the friends family and folks in the audience tonight at International Ms Leather.

It was a very scary decision for me to share my story and to ask for others to stand or raise a hand with me as survivors. And the remaining people I asked to show support if they knew someone who was a survivor of sexual abuse.

Over three-quarters of the room were with me on the first call. EVERYONE was in by the second.

It filled me with many emotions to see this happen. Validation. Pride in US. Rage that so many of us have lived this story. It threatened to take me out. And it was worth it. It was worth the fear and the opening of that wound because so. Many. Of. Us. Live. With. This. Pain.

And tonight? YOU reached into your hearts and stood, not as victims, but as survivors and in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES YOU made a difference in helping to spread the words that: Consent Counts. YOU gave the NCSF the gift of


In Five. Minutes.

THAT is what happens when we stand together. THAT is what happens when we tell our stories. THAT is what happens when we take a hold of our power.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Now, back to work…I have a play to do, a book to write, a show to craft, classes to teach, another show to do, cons to attend, the Swedish are already missing me and there’s this Dominant Guy to consider…



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  2. Lily on April 18, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    Hey, Mo — that’s great news about raising the $ for NCSF. They’re a really great institution to support.

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