Dear Mrs. The Dominant Guy…


…yeah I know. This sock puppet thing is hilarious.


Anyway, silly pseudo identities aside? Thank you.


I can’t say that I ever thought I’d be riding the particular train of thought that I’ve been running today, but I realized that I was feeling a particularly profound gratitude that hit me rather unexpectedly.


A great deal of my apprehension about being involved in a relationship with someone who was poly and married was what seemed to me the obvious weirdness of having to suss out how to relate to the other people in his life, especially with his life partner. My own baggage included fear of feeling very much “less than” the others. Or of being rejected, or treated awkwardly, or…or…


I am, therefore, a weebit surprised that, today, I feel peaceful and optimistic about my relationship with him, and part of that is due to your ability to communicate, your graciousness and your willingness to remain open to possibilities.


I know that you take risks, too, in being poly. When we were first discussing my coming to stay with you for almost a month, I was a bit stunned. Putting myself in your shoes I wondered how it would be to have someone I had only met twice before suddenly underfoot. I appreciated that contingency plans were made in case the situation did take a turn that diminished our capacity to stay in a comfortable headspace. I was glad that everyone felt comfortable. And most importantly, as the weeks together came to a close, I was very grateful that you reached out to check in. It meant so much to me to hear that you felt, as I did, that the time had flowed smoothly. Even more humbling was to know that you were happy to see that he and I were doing well together. That was a very precious gift to me, and I thank you for that.


So thank you for trusting him to bring me into your lives.






PS: I will still never, ever forgive you for putting that needle through my foot. You are a Very Mean Lady.

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