Plagiarize this.

You're hearing it in that synthesized voice and you're giggling, I know this.

I got a notification today on several responses to a post I’d written a little while ago. You can see it here. I wasn’t surprised” sometimes people dig though to older stuff.

I WAS surprised when I pulled up my @ page and saw that someone was asking me if I’d posted someone else’s work. Said she’s seen it, almost verbatim, on someone else page. ALMOST because she changed The Dominant Guy’s name and swapped out Vi’s name and changed the name of the event. Then another sharp-eyed FetLifer pointed out that this other person’s post post-dated mine by a couple of months.

Oh. Hell. No.

What is even fucking worse is that when Uniquely_Me (fucking ironic, no?) was asked about the origin of her post? she said she and I were good friends and thatI had asked her if I could use her words because I was so impressed.


First off, any time I have quoted someone I have done so with either full linkage and / or attribution and / or with their written permission.

Secondly, outside of her writing to ask me if I’d accept a friend request? I have no friendship with her.

Seriously. You’d have to be dumb to do this. Its too small a community. Plus, shit, my typonese leaves a DNA footprint a mile wide!

Uniquely_Me has taken down the offending journal entry. I doubt she’ll do the honorable thing and apologize at this point, since she bit dirt on three major integrity fails (stealing…and lying about it…to friends.)

People’s reactions were what you would expect. BDSM Bad Advice went further and put up a Tumblr that will make you weep.


Be warned, you might spittake.

SO, look people.

Don’t steal.

And then when you are caught?

Don’t fucking LIE ABOUT IT.

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