Sunday, April 22, 2012.

“You will be my date at a private party, and sleeping over that night.”

While I had been previously asked about my availability for Friday evening, his follow-up text message caught me a bit by surprise. Usually, when making plans,  people ask me what I’d like to do, or offer suggestions for what we might find mutually enjoyable. His announcement of our plans for the evening, including a dungeon party, was a siren song for a recently dormant part of myself that has been dreaming with Cthulhu for the past few months.

A surprising reflex kicked in and I watched, bemused, as my fingers texted

“Think about if you would like to negotiate my being in service to you for the date. I haven’t done that in many years and i think you’d be an excellent choice.”

He is intrigued, and a bit nervous at the prospect, and we make plans to talk about what that would look like.

I am on a low-level simmer.

I am freaking out because I left all but 2 waist-cinchers and my IMsL vest back in New York.

And I wonder if I can do this…make this gesture…take back my submission and offer it to someone else.




…to be continued.

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  1. tawana on April 24, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    It was a pleasure running across your blog, it is exceptionally well done. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

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