Catch me if you can.

Next week is fucking nuts.


I am kind of settling into being back in the Bay. Getting used to being in the East bay, and trying to not feel like I’m drowning. Mostly I am succeeding. Some days it is all I can do to get up before I absolutely HAVE to, because I am afraid I won’t be able to do the shit I gotta do.


For example…


I’m doing a class on Tuesday the 8th. I’ll take a moment ot plug it: At the SF Citadel, class starts at 8:00, 363 6th Street, San Francisco CA. $20.


The class is “Graceful Exits: How to Minimize Breakup Douchebaggery.”  That’ll link you to a description.


As I’m getting my brain around the class, I’m wincing a bit to realize that my commitment ot speaking from the heart of my own experience means that I have to open up sealed pots in my soul to properly access information so that I can do what I do when I “teach,” which is essentially break apart my experiences into manageable bits and share it with the people.


For better and for worse, I’m still in the process of processing the ending of my relationship with The Dominant Guy. Long-distance relationships have their own flavor of dissolution trauma. And I’m finding that the pot isn’t sealed on that particular relationship. I’m much better than I was in February, and I’m better than I was last week. It is an ongoing process. And I’m owning it as best I  can. But hey boy howdy do I get that uncomfortable prickle in my sinuses when I think about speaking on it in front of people.


But I always love teaching, and it would be nice to see folks there.

Bawdy Storytelling EventIf you can’t make that, you’ll have a few more opportunities to listen to me talking. But for appreciably shorter periods of time.


I’ll be telling a very dirty story about “Daddy/Girl” sexual age/role-playing for Bawdy Storytelling on Wednesday the 9th. Now I am always nervous when I tell stories, but this is a first time for this oe and its more graphic than most of my stuff. Oh and it is pretty dark and fucked up.


And hey, Bawdy’s Impressario, the Majestic Dixie DeLaTour, is having a birthday party! You should come out on Friday the 11th….details are here. I’ll be rolling in late to share about how I earned my “Bawdy Storytelling Got Me Laid” pin. Although I really should have two of those now….


I’ll be reading from my unpublished work “The Admiral” for Perverts Put Out on Saturday the 12th. Only a handful of people have read this work…I started writing it for Jim, the British Musician, back in 1995 and it has had its own life. About six chapters of some preeeety edgy purple-prosey NOT AT ALL Politically-Correct bodice-ripping “romance” novel / Victorian-style pr0n about a slave in the colonies who meets a rather… presumptuous…Admiral of HRH Navy.


Yeah its pretty fucked up. And it still gets me wet almost 2 decades later.  I should make it a book…I’ll add that to my “To-Do” list pronto.


Monday the 14th sees me at The Shout: a new Storytelling event in Oakland’s Grand Lake Coffee House. I will probably be telling stories about my crazy-ass Father.  New on the storytelling front for me. I told some of his stories in 69Stories: One Pervert’s Tale but I haven’t much explored how it is to talk about him.


Oh yeah and in all that I’m wrapping up edits on  “Playing Well With Others; Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring & Navigating The Kink, Leather & BDSM Communities the book on which Lee Harrington and I collaborated.

Playing Well with Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and Bdsm Communities

Holy crap you can pre-order it!



MOSTLY I am frying my brains in rehearsals for the last Crowded Fire show I’ll be doing as a resident artist.


But I can’t think about that too much because it makes me cry.


Please do go and buy tickets for Good Goods. There are student discounts, cheap “Pay-What-You-Can”  nights, and it runs for 4 weeks so I don’t wanna hash about why you couldn’t make it!



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