Conversations With The Perverted Negress – Episode 3!

My challenge to the Rope Community? Create beautiful alternatives to the TK. I know you can do it!

Look! It be part three in my rough stabs at Podcasting…In which we riff into the topic of presenting & Teaching, talk about the Unconference model (shout out to the G.R.U.E.!) vs. your typical kink class. How do we separate out the intensity of scenes in a demo  from the artificiality of a demo structure? How do we insure the folks in kink class observe what they see without feeling as though they’re being given a template for play. We talk about Mo’s code words for explaining VERY STRONG FEELINGS, and how the cock-shot opinion has shifted.  And BTW, J.P.’s handle on FetLife is ControlEnthusiast. And he’s, like, NEVER there so don’t bother.  And then it’s all PSYCH! IT IS OVAH! Because I am hella amateur with this shit and it is seat of the pants. Tune in tomorrow for more excellence!

In case you don’t know…

J.P. mentions a TK  what he’s talking about is Takate-kote. That’s one in the pic there.


Well, at least, for me it is.

Somerville Bowline <— video there by Lochai. Who STILL owes me an enema.

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