Conversations with TPN: Episode 9B!

Picking RIGHT up where Episode 9A chopped off…this is the third section of a six-part series on transparency. Vulcan approaches to coping with emotional surges, feelings and how personal transparency helps PE work. J.P. comes so…close…to making a broad sweeping statement (gasp!) on the crude nature of using emotional obfuscation as s tool for control.  Riffing on the awesomeness of submitting to a whole human, warts, flaws and all rather than erecting iconoclastic archetypes.

Radical Honesty…how does that relate to transparency? And when is it cruel? And when is it preferable to redirect that potentially harsh energy into a kinder, gentler approach?

On narratives about the story we hear so much about submission being a one-way street….why is so much a hard-sold theme in the BDSM / Kink Confederacies?

Do we choose intelligence and logic and truth or ignorance and blissful pencil-based lobotomies?

And you know what? Submissives contribute to this shit behaviour by accepting bad behaviour fro bad actors. Personal responsibility and transparency of internal accountability is important. Srsly!

Someone remind me to put my snax on a plate before podcasting…rather than rustling that shit around whilst recording.

Oh yeah, and we are all cut out just as we get into transparency of the public vs. private discussions of the kink / BDSM experience…so. Stay tuned!  More to come tomorrah! And hey, want us to answer a question or explore a specific topic? Hit me up with that little envelope icon on the right there!

References in this episode
Check Podcast #5 – a previous episode in which we dissect  hunger. Inspired by that podcast and digging on the analogies inspired therein, I wrote about it too.

Corey Doctorow gets a shout out (not necessarily props, J.P.) for his book Eastern Standard Tribe –>

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