…Folsom Weekend Looms…

…and I am pretty stoked to have been invited to present a class at the Folsom Fringe Event. This is the…what…fourth? Fifth? time I’ve taught a class there. There are many cool folks teaching lots of cool classes. I am gonna hold forth on the not-at-all-controversial “race play” class. Yeah, I rule.

Working, as I do, for an Evil Empire, (yay!) we will have a booth at Folsom. This is the first time that they have sponsored the Fair, so that is rad. What is amusing is that the “Code Of Conduct” for employees working the fair specifies that fetish-wear is not permissible.


We’d better figure out how to make those t-shirts hella sexy, and fast.

We are in the process of ordering shwag, lining up pr0nstars, booking kinky performance artists, and flying out dominatrices for our big Folsom Afterparty.

Lots of this is far cooler on the page than it is from a cubicle in Sunnyvale.
But my main concern today is…do I wear the same corset I wore last year,

Yeah, it IS pretty sweet!

Yeah, it IS pretty sweet!

or splurge for a new one?

And if I do splurge, can I make it a business expense…?

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