Chicago Bound!

Well, hopefully. I AM going to Chicago. The binding part…well. I have a few leads on friends who might be wiling to tie my up for a bit!


“Why Play on the Edge?”

with Mollena Williams

Sat., December 10, 2011

Date & Time:in 1 day Saturday, December 10, 2011 · 6:00 PM – 7:45 PM
Galleria Domain 2

Chicago, IL   @ map

Cost: FREE and open to the kink community

Why Play on the Edge w/ Mollena Williams, Saturday, December 10

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The Siren Song of Oblivion: Why play on the Edge?

Presented by Mollena Williams

SATURDAY, December 10, 2011

6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )

Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required
Open to All 18+ w/ID


Please come with an open mind and arrive early for the best seats as GD2’s monthly educational events regularly draw between 60 and 90 attendees.

You do NOT need to be a member of GD2 to attend GD2’s free, monthly educational events, which are held the second Saturday of each month.

Please send RSVP’s to Carol at and include your first name. Confirmation of your RSVP, along with GD2’s address, will be sent via email.

Fetlife event page to let other Fetlifers know you are or may be going and to help get the word out.


The Siren Song of Oblivion: Why play on the Edge?


Edge Play is as individual as a fingerprint. A spanking can be a playful, lighthearted exchange or a deep trip that revisits and explores a past abuse. A temporary piercing can be highly erotic…or a close-to-the-bone exploration of a phobia. Even more fascinating, all of these may be true from the perspective of top or bottom. They might even be true for the same person. When kinky folks talk about “Edge Play,” it is about their OWN EDGE that they explore. Bottoms, subs and slaves may experience terror of, and yet feel a compulsion to, explore the aspects of their psyche that terrify and seduce. Tops, dominants and owners have edges too: paying with real rage, real fear, and real predatory behaviors.

But edge play is hot hot hot, and so many Kinksters long to teeter on that brink. Why? Why risk life, heart, soul and limb in the context of risk-aware consensual kink? There are many reasons and in this class, we will explore them. Using her own experiences as a jumping off point, and utilizing a high level of interactivity to glean from attendees what it is that arouses and terrifies, Mo helps you to turn over a few of the logs and rocks in your own head, see what crawls out…and then play with the creepiest of creepy crawlies. Delicious darkness and effulgent transcendence is what we seek when we slip on that Edge.

About Mollena Williams

Mollena (Mo) Williams is a native New Yorker, performer, actor, writer, BDSM Educator and Executive Pervert. She identifies as a Slave and Submissive To One. She is International Ms Leather 2010 and Ms. SF Leather 2009. Consciously Kinky since 1993 and active in Leather and BDSM since 1996 she is all over North America and Europe speaking on many topics involving kink, BDSM, Power Exchange Relationships, consensual master/slave relationships, and negotiating all of it safely.

Mo is delighted to be a featured educator with KinkAcademy, where you can see clips of her speaking on various and sundry topics! She is also a columnist forSexIs Magazine, where she lets loose twice a month on just about anything. Stay tuned for her podcasts on Erotic Awakening, too! She’s a founding member of San Francisco’s Crowded Fire Theater Company and her blog, The Perverted Negress is at

Mollena authored The Toybag Gude: Taboo Play. Her essays appear in two anthologies curated by Rachel Kramer Bussel: ”BDSM and Race Play” appears in “Best Sex Writing 2010,” and “Kiss my Boots” is featured in ”The Lust Chronicles.” Her challenging essay on “race play” is featured in“Spirit of Desire: Personal Journeys in Sacred Kink,” edited by Lee Harrington. She is currently conspiring with Mr. Harrington on an exciting new book project: “Playing Will With Others” which will be a comprehensive guide to the kink, BDSM, Leather and AltSex communities! Not one but two essays commissioned by Tristan Taormino are featured in the upcoming anthology, “The Ultimate Guide to Kinky Sex.”


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