Kirk v GornThe “Conflict Continues” in the BATTLE ROYALE, we learn my sadness & discomfort apparently amuses J.P. Shocking.

What are the limitations to and freedoms within performing BDSM vs. doing a scene vs. sharing one’s interactions with a dungeon of kinksters vs. an audience…is the audience intrinsically voyeuristic? How can one capture the ephemeral nature of the energetic exchange within BDSM?
I parallel performance within the protocols of BDSM with performing in theater, and on the world-as-stage. J.P. still isn’t buying it, and brings into play the question of intention and focus with an audience vs. without an audience, and whether or not authenticity is compromised by using BDSM as a vector for performance. J.P.’s opinions on performance art and “happenings” are thrown in there, and the theater nerding continues. We drill down to the question of the intention of audiences vs. voyeurs.


Because the call got dropped. Perhaps.

J.P. theorizes that the very Internet itself was unbalanced by our ongoing DISPUTE.
There is some movement towards compromise when we talk about the fact that the potential to connect with an audience AND a partner in a BDSM scene COULD OCCUR.

Aha! Progress!

Then some trashtalking about my Poor Beleaguered Inner Romantic, which might or might not have a valid opinion in this debate. DO NOT MESS WITH MY DREAMS. Then we get a radio play-fantasy of a Stage Manager motivated assassination, which is pretty awesome, really.

THEN I decide that, somehow, internal come-shots in porn have a deeper parallel with actual performative authenticity. No, really.

And then J.P. delivers the KILLING BLOW.


Fuck you, Observer Principle.


But I still hold fast to my dream of genuine BDSM being brought to the people in a way that shares the energy and heat and awesomeness as possible.

And of course, this part slices off…but at least we know it this time!

Tune in tomorrow for the last slice of deliciousness in this series…retroactively titled


Not really but it looks good in all-caps.

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Thrust Stage. (stop giggling!)
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Episode 1 of the Podcast and the Paula Deen Issue.
ASM – means Assistant Stage Manager

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1 Comment

  1. SmileyGirl on August 5, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    I wonder if the difference between the two of you is simply preference. JP does not enjoy scening for the benefit of outside parties, so the difference between scening for outside parties and scening only for yourself and your scene partner is always going to be noticeable. If you enjoy both equally, then perhaps one could maintain the same headspace in both situations.