Don't worry, he IS responsible. JP always eats what he kills.

Don’t worry, he IS responsible. JP always eats what he kills.

We start off with some ball wedging (hey, it makes sense of you’ve listened to the previous episodes!) and we jump back into telling / showing / sharing the intricacies of BDSM without losing the realness, the authenticity? I describe a wonderful moment I witnessed between a master and slave, and how lovely it was. And how that motivates my (possibly futile longing) to somehow bring stories of kick, BDSM and Power Exchange to an “audience” or, as I will forever consider them, the gathered voyeurs. J.P. gets down to the heart of the matter, by questioning not only CAN that sharing be accomplished authentically, but SHOULD that be something we share. And we finally get to J.P.’s true nature: a Dream-Killing Shithead. Which is, of course, really hot. Hot enough that I have now made it a fetish on FetLife.

I talk about a scene where I realized that having an audience …or not…can be very impactful on the quality and sensation of the scene.

So…the question! Hey, people who are performers AND are kinky, how do you differentiate? When is a scene a performance for you? When does it feel different to have an audience, when is an active observer vital to your play, and do you feel that impacts the central nature of your play?

Mentioned in this Episode:
Dead Snow

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  1. Twofishie on August 26, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    In this most recent podcast I think I remember JP mentioned a quote about “the unseen violence in a drop of water” or something? I’ve asked Mme. Google and she has nothing to say about it. Help please!