FetLife: FTMFW! Booya!

I will blatantly pimp today.

I have been a pervert for a long time.   My High School boyfriend and I liberally applied handcuffs and hogties in the bedroom. Back then, it was pilfered clothesline from his Mom’s laundry supplies. That very first relationship was, for a while, a triad.  Yeah, I had it goin’ on, even back in the day when a date meant going to see Under The Cherry Moon and sneaking into Nell‘s with our fake IDs.

I hit the online milieu back in the late 90s, and never looked back.

There are many, many sites on the intertubes where perverts can go lounge around in virtual splendor. From Gorean chat-rooms where red-silk kajira kneel & serve & hump their slave heats all over cups of paga, to FurCon discussion boards, there is something for everyone.

Before you start capping on the Furries, know that I find them adorable.

Before you start capping on the Furries, know that I find them adorable.

There also are eleventy billion people profiting obscenely over the deluge of obscenity. Lots of companies make a shitload of money catering to the kinks and funneling off the wallets of the perverati.

I should know. I work for the biggest.

Working for a huge ass company for whom your personal, precious perversion is merely an exploitable demographic is, to say the least, mentally discombobulating. I feel a bit like a turncoat triple agent pervy mole.

But at least I get to watch men putting huge things up their asses first thing in the morning.

You gain some, you lose some.

When I started my new job Editing and wrangling content for 2 ALTernative, fetish and Bondage sites, I was a somewhat nonplussed because I had a long history on one site. I’d been blogging there for several years, it was my Very Fist Blog, and now here I was through the looking glass!

Except on this side of the looking glass there aren’t very fucking many perverts.

A few weeks ago, I was in a conference call trying to disabuse several people of the notion that giving out site-branded flyswatters at the Folsom Street Fair was NOT going to provoke confusion. Non-con smacks, possibly. Cluelessness as to their intended use? No, not really.

So where does a Perverted Negress go when she wants to perv out and NOT have it be a site owned by The Man?

FetLife, that’s where.

It is the best game going, in my Not At All Humble Opinion.

The dude that runs it, John Baku, has a bunch of pervs running a tight ship. The site is free. The discussion are lively. Unlike some places-I-could-name-but-won’t, you can hotlink to whatever the fuck your nasty, sick, deviant heart desires from anywhere on the site. Further ingratiating me to it,  John gives no  leeway to people posting stupid ass blinky sparkly shit all over the site. It will never be FuckSpaced into horror.

MOST critically, it is privately owned and operated by kinksters.

And Mr. Baku says he won’t let that change.

Fuck yeah.

I hope so.

I dig his site. Oooo, and watch this, biotechs! I even support it financially.

If you happen to be on FetLife, and can hold off on a latte for a goddamned day, donate $5. If you can skimp back on a couple of dinners out, donate $60.00, Hell, iffen you ain’t a member, just donate in the name of the RNC Memorial Pervert Fund.

With that donation, you get a dope little banner on your profile, and as well, you have the happy warm fuzzy of knowing you put your money where your fuckin’ mouth is. And therefore can feel justified when you start ranting on the FetLife Rant Forum about how frustrating it is that you can’t reply to threads and e-mal from yer mobile phone.

When someone takes the time to build a resource by perverts for perverts and it is bloody fucking well done, give it up!

Plus, today I got two notes from two sexeh men with accents on FetLife, so mad props for bringing me today’s “LDR Fantasy Dom & Wank Fodder”! W00t!

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  1. jakeskajira on October 9, 2008 at 2:27 PM

    Glad to see this blog and I totally support fetlife, I also wrote a blog about fetlife but I doubt mine gets the traffic yours does! LOL

  2. Mollena on October 10, 2008 at 9:27 PM

    Thank you for surfing on over!

    I very much enjoy the community that FetLife creates, and I am deeply apprciative of your taking the time to stop in and say “Hello!”

    In Leather Pride,