(Mind)Fucking it up. Again.


I just spoke with Robin, the delightful Programming Director of The Exiles.  I’m stoked to have been invited back to present a class for them!


Especially after The Incident at the last class.


Oy vey ish meir.



Um, anyway, yeah!



This is going to be the “Taboos: Playing With Race” class.



I imagine that some of the more PC people may be more than a little squicked by that.


I also happen to know for a fact that some of the most conservative uptight outta site people are the most freaky in their bedrooms.


You go, Rihanna. Robin Thicke can discipline me. Any. Time. He. Wants. To.

Back when I was first spit-roasted for suggesting that sexual role-playing that embraces darker edges of historical events was HOT as HELL, there was one woman in particular…a “Friend”… who went out of her way to  pour gasoline on my effigy, incinerate it  flame-thrower stylee, and add viscid napalm-esque heaps of derision on its head via a couple of mailing lists. 


I was a traitor to the race, sick in the head, yeah. All of that. And evidently had the power, with the application of a bandanna to my nappy head, of setting Our People back 300 years.



For The Record: If I had that much power, I’d set us back three THOUSAND! Because we were KICKIN’ ASS then.



But I digress.



Her Waterloo came when she cross-posted from a closed to an open discussion group the details of this tumult.



The owner of the group she posted FROM immediately banned and barred her, and asked the list owner of the second group to do the same. He, on the other hand, did nothing. Encouraging even more over-the-top assassination of my character, sanity, and Blackness.



I have these batshit insane ideas.  Like the idea the freedom to fly my freak flag in whichever direction I feel works best for me IS EXACTLY what “Progress” is.


In the words of the Wiccans, and Digital Underground, “Doowutchalike



What we do when we fuck how we want to fuck and play house how we wanna play house is to slam-dunk freedom.  Liberty passes the pill and Uncle Sam takes it to the rim.


But to the question of my “Friend”. I found out, a year or so later, that she and I had a former play-partner in common.



When he heard about the big ass meltdown, he laughed so hard I thought he may well rupture an ass gasket. Once he composed himself, he was able to tell me that he found it terribly amusing that she would take me publicly to task for playing with racial stereotypes in the Dungeon, because not long before this whole thing had broken out, he’d had her on hands and kneed in his kitchen, playing Aunt Jemima and muttering all sorts of twisted Politically Incorrect endearments to her as she toiled under his stern gaze. And yes, he is White.


What was my point…oh yeah.



So I’ll be talking about some fucked up shit in front of an auditorium full of Exile’s Members in February.



Possibly even with a demo, if a certain Dom I know is available.





Y’all come round now, y’hear?



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  1. dharma on October 13, 2008 at 6:01 PM

    You do fly your freak flag proud, dontcha? Hugs.

  2. Kat on October 14, 2008 at 7:00 PM

    Fly that freak flag, and fly it proud, girlfriend!

    People do so tend to get worked up over stupid shit that doesn’t, y’know… involve them.

    If it makes you and your play partner hot, then FFS, go do it!

  3. mollena on October 16, 2008 at 3:07 AM

    @Dharma I fly it as proudly as I possibly can girl…except for when I am curled up and hiding in it!

    You would THINK so, @Kat. And yet people do so love to get all up on yer cheese!