The wildness.

I got The Wildness yesterday. Voice in the head clear as day, no fucking fooling around, said to me

what you need to do is get out of town for a few days. GO.

Uh…kinda difficult with work with all of the writing, reading, reviewing and shit I have to do I can’t just run away from life it doesn’t work like that and I can’t really afford to take any more —

DO. IT. GO. No excuses.


I ruled out doing somewhere alone, I kind of wanted to be with friends.

So, I put the question to the Oracle of Twitter.

To the wind!

Next time I checked my feed a suggestion had popped up

And voila!

Interestingly, there had been a good chance of me presenting at this event, however the (now, sadly, not my venue) show I was slated to be running this summer is off of the table.

Getting to Madison, Wisconsin isn’t as cheap as one might think. But I have ice-water in the veins when it comes to booking travel. A result of my trial by fire working, albeit briefly, for a luxury travel booking company.

I slept on it, and finagled and juggled on and off through my insanely stressed day. And just as I was about to give up and go to Disneyland, I juggled one more timetable and voila, secured a ticket to Wisconsin.


Adding that to the list of things about which I never thought I’d be excited.

And it just so happens the good folks at Madtown Kink Fest have offered me that teaching berth, so it all dovetailed nicely.

My friend, the lovely, talented and nommable Dana, kindly offered to drag my ass from the airport, and I’ve a few friends who will be, I think, in attendance.

SO I gotta get a few hours shuteye. I’m flying out at 6:30 AM to hit the ground in Wisconsin around 2:30 to teach a 4:30 class on…well. What should I teach?? :-D

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  1. lamesabassman on July 25, 2009 at 1:21 AM

    to teach is to learn…. and to learn… is to teach

    can’t wait to hear what you have shared with the masses….

    lamesabassman….. leave them wanting for more…..