“Prime Directive” on SexIs!

Woo hoo!

My latest offering on SexIs Magazine is up!

Spank long and prosper!

“It might seem terribly romantic to sacrifice yourself, your time, your body, in service to another. It is very fulfilling, for many people, to push themselves in their service. Those who eroticize the exchange of power often thrive in a situation where they can sometimes experience privation and hardship. It can be a means to growth.


If your physical, emotional and spiritual health are not in order? You aren’t doing anyone any damned favors.”


Also, please note in my post, there was an edit that actually changes my take on the PD.


“It is the primary responsibility of the slave to protect the master’s property at all times, up to and including protecting the property from the master themselves”


In the current iteration (which I have requested edited) the slave is refered to as an “it.”


Dehumanizing the slave to an “it” is a personal choice one may make, However for my purposes, I assume that the slave or submissive identifies as a human not an object.


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