BOOM goes the dynamite! NEW Erotic Awakenings AND New SexIs!


It is a busy end to a busy year!


My first podcast for Erotic Awakening has hit the ground running!


Sit back, relax, take your socks off, get naked, grab a snack and some lotion and ….er….or just listen to my first installment of The Negress Natters on EA!


Check out EA # 161 ~

Mollena’s Debut!




It is holiday time and all of that shit.  So lotsof you will be lounging around wondering what to do with all of that free time.


Still have some bandwidth…? 


Perhaps you’d like to read part Two-of-Two in my “Seven Random Suggections Series!”


…from the article…


Be realistic, honest and transparent about your (emotional, physical, mental & spiritual) needs & motives


It is very tempting to start submitting before you even submit. When faced with the prospect of a potential dominant, it can seem like you’ve finally, finally found the pot of gold at the end of the leather rainbow! As the submissive, it’s your duty to adhere to the needs, wants and desires of that potential dominant, right? I mean, you gotta prove yourself worthy of them and their dominance! Hold on tiger. If you don’t advocate for yourself…who exactly is going to do it? If you do not step up to the plate when negotiating your D/S or M/S relationship, you’re fucking yourself over, big time. Plain and simple.


Read more here…!


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