Apr 202011

Leather ReignI’ve been invited to do keynotes at Leather / Kink events a handful of times, and as someone who doesn’t really believe in writing speeches, this always throws me into a blind panic. Yes, one of my own making but I personally challenge myself to life up to the challenge of what speeches are, IMO, meant to be: spoken in the moment.

This past winter I was to speak at Leather Reign up in Seattle and I was nervous as fuck. Shout outs to Sheryn B., who tossed me a nugget from which to jump off for the speech and also props to The Dominant Guy, for patience with my hamsterbrain flipmode meanderings in the days leading up to the speechification.

I hope you dig it.


Mar 072011

Some anonymous person asked me the following on Formspring…and I felt more like talking to them rather than writing about it.

Admitting my submissive side is one of the hardest things that’s happened to me. I don’t know what to think or do with myself anymore. I wonder if it’s a result of past sexual abuse I thought I had sorted out. think I’m depressed . Do you have any advice?


I hope it helps…hang in there.

You are Beautiful as you are.

Dec 162009

I’m a bit of a “woo-tard” in that my “woo woo” stuff….spiritual and emotionally friable shit…tends to be the one area of my life I really hesitate to share. So, because of my weird compulsion that shoves me towards greater and greater revelation, I tend to spill my guts in various ways.

For better or worse, this audio blog thing makes it easy for me to spill my less coherent late night spasms into a vessel from which this miasmatic primordial heartsoup can be examined

. So, examine it while you can. It may well evaporate  like sun-chased fog when I have more sense in my head… Continue reading »

Dec 082009
Are you threatening me?!?!?

"Are you threatning me?!?!?"

In a chat on Twitter, Mark S and I were bantering about things that tops sometimes use as threats in order to incite fear into the hearts (and genitals) of those (un)lucky enough to find themselves at their (lack of) mercy. I thought about my own reaction to threats, and why they don’t usually work for me, in a scene…here is a brief musing on that… Continue reading »

Nov 202009

Look, Ma! New Tech!

Welcome to what will probably be a new regular feature on The Perverted Negress!

I can talk and you can listen and I don’t have to fucking type. What’s not to LOVE?!

Check out the post on race play inspired by Jaki, who sent me a message on FetLife and then motivated me to respond.

Now, with no further buttfuckery, you can listen to me nattering for a bit here!

Obviously, this isn’t comprehensive but I hope it gives a little insight to interested parties and the curious. Feel free to post your comments, but be advised, asshole douchebaggery won’t be tolerated. I will hex you. Srsly.

Love and fluffybunbuns!