Aug 092009

Today’s Sunday Morning Sexytime Story is one some of y’all may have heard before and speaks to the power of a vivid imagination and suggestion.

And my extremely trusting inner paranoid!

And as I mention in the end, I’m looking for input questions queries and curionessess from those of y’all who read my blog!  Check out the deets here!

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  10 Responses to “Sunday Morning Sexytime Story: First Time.”

  1. Brilliant story as usual. I like that idea with the chains. I might just steal that. Thank you very much.

    • That is a good one, isn’t it? Nuanced effective and still very erotic. it really embodies the essence of dominance and submission,and underscores to whom it is one REALLY submits.

      Thank you for stopping by!



  2. remind me to never play poker with you….. to be in that position for that length of time with all that running thru
    your dome….. well…. you’re aces in my book,’cause you would color me gone…. like that old line from an Abbott and
    Costello movie and I quote..” if you see a pair of pants running past you down the street,dont grab them…. ‘ cause I’ll
    be in them……”

    lamesabassman……. when’s the last time you had a deep tongue lashing….. eh…

    • If I had any skill as a player I’d be flawless at the table were I to consciously focus on opacity…I can be pretty inscrutable. Then again, I can also be read like a neon casino sign, too.

      To answer the last question….gosh! March, maybe?



      • for a Lady such as you…. that’s way 2 long…..

        lamesabassman….. and may yours be the best day ever….

  3. Thanks for a great story. You had me on the edge of my seat and you gave me a much needed laugh on a Thursday evening. (yes, I’m new to your blog.)

    • Fantastic! Welcome to the Dark Side. Please have a cookie!

      Thank you for stopping by, thank you for staying, and listening, and I hope to see you around these virtual parts soon!



  4. That’s a funny story!

  5. While not my first time to your site, it is my SMSS and I loved it. I will be checking out the rest of them. Very funny story, indeed. Also, if you mind me saying, you have a sexy voice (along with everything else). Thank you for sharing yourself. Be well, Lady. :)

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