Ending-in-O in Chicago & Toronto, yo!

I’ll be hitting Chicago & Toronto, and debuting a new class to boot! So what’s that all aboot?
Glad ya asked!

I have a FREE class in Chicago, Three classes at Come As You Are in Toronto and I’m s-q-u-e-e-z-i-n-g in two additional class sessions, one of which is a world premier! Get in on this, man!

Shy Freaks: Exploring BDSM for the Introvert with Mollena
The Pleasure ChestWednesday, October 30th 8-10 PM FREE!
If the thought of BDSM action gets you hot and bothered but the thought of dropping trou in the middle of a dungeon full of fellow kinksters leaves you cold and queasy, you just might be a shy freak! This class explores finding your own boundaries, and will offer some tools for self-assessment. How do you know if you should push your shyness, or let it sit? What do you do if your partner is a flaming show-off and you like nothing more than a quiet scene at home? And how can you overcome what YOU want to overcome without succumbing to potentially damaging scene pressures? All of these questions and more will be explored in a lively and interactive format where even the shyest freaks get their say!Guest Educator: Mollena WilliamsWe do not offer advance registration or reserved seating for free workshops or events. Attendance is on a first come, first served basis. Early arrival is recommended to secure your spot!
CAYAPlaying With Strangers
How to Get It On at a Con!
With Mollena Williams
Whether it is your first of fiftieth time at a BDSM event, it can be intimidating to meet folks. People from Internationally known BDSM Educators to first-time neophytes can run into obstacles of self-esteem, fear of rejection, hell, fear of acceptance! How do you cope with your shyness or awkwardness or just figure out a positive approach to that tasty top of succulent submissive? This fun and interactive workshop will offer some solutions, hints, tips and tricks for all of those who have ever seen that stranger across a crowded dungeon and longed to connect! We’ll have some exercises, some discussion, and the chance for you to explore what your strengths are, and where you could use a little help making your fantasies a reality!All genders welcome.When: Friday, November 1, 2013. 7:30-9:30PM
Cost: $35/person (sliding scale available)
Location: Come As You AreLearn more about Playing with Strangers.$35.00 

CAYAPlaying On (And Over) The Edge 
With Mollena Williams
Edge Play is as individual as a fingerprint. A spanking can be a playful, lighthearted exchange or a deep trip that revisits and explores a past abuse. A temporary piercing can be highly erotic…or a close-to-the-bone exploration of a phobia. Even more fascinating, all of these may be true from the perspective of top or bottom. They might even be true for the same person. When kinky folks talk about “Edge Play,” it is about their OWN EDGE that they explore. Bottoms, subs and slaves may experience terror of, and yet feel a compulsion to, explore the aspects of their psyche that terrify and seduce. Tops, dominants and owners have edges too: paying with real rage, real fear, and real predatory behaviors. But edge play is hot hot hot, and so many Kinksters long to teeter on that brink. Why? Why risk life, heart, soul and limb in the context of risk-aware consensual kink? There are many reasons and in this class, we will explore them. Using her own experiences as a jumping off point, and utilizing a high level of interactivity to glean from attendees what it is that arouses and terrifies, Mo helps you to turn over a few of the logs and rocks in your own head, see what crawls out…and then play with the creepiest of creepy crawlies. Delicious darkness and effulgent transcendence is what we seek when we slip on that Edge.All genders welcome.When: Saturday, November 2, 2013. 7:30-9:30PM
Cost: $35/person (sliding scale available)
Location: Come As You AreLearn more about Playing On (and Over) the Edge .$35.00 

CAYAMinority Within A Minority
Being a Person of Color in the BDSM Community
With Mollena Williams
While some kinksters embrace their Leather lifestyle with ease and nary a look back, others of us face difficult paths towards the leather lifestyle that are fraught with many pitfalls. One’s religious, cultural and racial heritage can add myriad layers and nuances to the process. Though some may view the Leather Community as a Utopian, Egalitarian enclave, it actually is a microcosm, full of all of the twists, turns, fears and hopes that haunt and inspire the rest of the world.In this class, we will discuss some of the issues facing minorities as their numbers grow within the public BDSM community. Stereotyping? Racism? Classism? “Not in our Community!” you say? Think again. The instructor will share her own experiences in coming to terms with being a black female with submissive and slave tendencies, and still reconciling those feelings with feelings of isolation, guilt, desire, loss and an intense need to be true to her path. EVERYONE is encouraged to attend; share your experiences or learn about the experiences of others in an open, accepting environment.All genders welcome.When: Sunday, November 3, 2013. 5:30-7:30PM
Cost: $35/person (sliding scale available)
Location: Come As You Are Learn more about Minority Within a Minority.$35.00 

And I am doing TWO independent classes in Toronto! One of ’em is with the mad dope J.P. Robichaud, who is well-known to the kinknoscenti in Canadia and listeners to Conversations with The Perverted Negress! Join us, wontcha?

Self-Ish Submission: Why Your Needs Should Be Nourished!”

As submissives and slaves, we often approach our relationships from the viewpoint that the ultimate goal is to meet the needs of our partners, and in that way, have our own needs met. While this seems a lofty goal, fully abandoning one’s own needs and wants may not bring the blissful surrender you seek. Sometimes? We need more. Feedback, affection, focus, attention. In power exchange relationships (Hey, they’re called “exchange” for a reason!) there needs to be an ebb and flow, a give and take that fulfills all parties involved. Knowing what you need, what it takes to achieve your needs, and expressing them clearly can help you be present and fulfilled in your relationships.

We will discuss ways to handle questions such as determining:
How do I know what I want?

  • How do I know what I want?
  • What would happen if I have my needs met?
  • What would happen if I do not have my needs met?
  • When does serving another become compromising myself?
  • How do I know when I’ve gone too far?

This discussion will revolve around assessing, categorizing prioritizing and supporting your needs and your wants, and discovering what you are or are not willing to do to have these met.

BUY TIX HERE for “Self-Ish Submission!”


“For Today or ForEver:

Negotiating Power Exchange Relationships”

The minutiae of Dominant/Submissive relationships can be glorious, sublime and difficult. We all have issues to navigate, and these issues can color our power exchanges. Submission does not have to cripple your ability to have your needs met. Dominance does not have to transform you into an emotionless juggernaut. The ability to treat people with respect and empathy for their own communicative style is an invaluable asset.

Join Mollena & J.P. Robichaud, the most excellent stars of the podcast “Conversations with The Perverted Negress” as they pull apart the process of discovering, affirming and pursuing a path of power. These sapiosexual practitioners, students and hardcore thinkers will their their thoughts and experiences from the viewpoint of a long-term practitioner of the path of submission, slavery and service and the contrasting viewpoint of an introspective dominant introvert with an ongoing interest in logical and effective systems of control.

From a simple, one-off scene to full-time power-imbalanced lifestyles, we will investigate the role of power relationships,the realities of dominance and submission, the nuances of negotiation, and why the hell we go through all of this trouble in the first damn place.

Please bring your own questions and experiences to share!



PLEASE NOTE: While the Studio space is down one flight of stairs and not readily accessible to those with certain mobility constraints, we have made arrangements to obtain a ramp for anyone who might need one. HOWEVER we need to be notified NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 31ST if you will be needing this service! Please contact us via the e-mail address associated with this event if you’d like to attend and need a ramp. Thanks for your understanding!




and get a $10 DISCOUNT!!


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