Just another day in Pervidice.

Though I rarely take things for granted, I do occasionally fail to step back and see the larger surreal picture. Seurat-a-tat-tat when I DO step back I inhale the myriad blots and splotches that resolve into a story told in moments.

Recovering from the abrupt rape of a badly decomposed molar was complicated by goddess-awful side-effects from the Amoxicillin and the Vicodin. I finally stopped taking everything. Fortunately my pain tolerance is fairly high.

My friend Patti was opening her first photo exhibit this evening at Stormy Leather and dadgummit, I did not want to miss that. The exhibit is all comprised of photographs of bondage, mostly of the rope bondage variety. Though I hadn’t planned well enough to have someone with whom I could piggyback around the gallery, I happened to run into a fellow kinkster as I was on the way to the event.

The proud porn purveyor!

She smiles! A rare photo indeed!

There was a rope bondage demo that was just wrapping up…well, unwrapping up as we walked into the store. The security gate was open to the warm evening, and I encountered my dear friends Mistress Heart and Cleo Dubois and chatted for a bit. They were both looking lovely, as is usual. I felt a bit frumped out, but there was no way I was corseting tonight. No. Way.

By the time I made it downstairs I was thrilled to see a good sized crowd, and Patti’s photos were first in the line-up, and that was pretty wonderful to see. There were no small number of corsets being worn by several women of all shapes and sizes and that is something I love to see.

The photography was lovely. I will add, though, not very diverse in terms of the subjects that the riggers choose to utilize. I should be accustomed to this, but I still always hope!

I suppose I will, soon enough, be able to do more than hope. Also in attendance at the reception, you see, was the supercalifragilisticexpialisexy Zille Defeu. And she, of all people, wants to photograph me, of all people.

This is very exciting for me. When you are of the fatter and browner persuasion, there aren’t a lot of representations of people who look like you being sexy and kinky. And I sincerely believe that it takes a photographer with admiration and respect for their subject to make a picture sparkle. And it takes a subject who trusts and respects their photographer to let their spirit shine in a picture. I think we will do well working together.

I spent quite a bit of the evening schmoozing, catching up and gossiping with Zille and her Husband/Master. He has been a friend for many years as well. The funny part of having over a decade in the kink community is that you are privileged to be in the eyes of friends for so many twists and turns, and likewise to have them observe and participate in the roller-coaster of your own life.

I found myself back upstairs later, a bit tired and overwhelmed by the heat in the basement, where the gallery is located. I couldn’t hold back on the snark as I watched the demo: when I was taught how to bottom well in rope, I was instructed to be responsive to the bondage, both as it was going on as well as when it was being removed, to honor the energy and the process. I am kind of a pickybitch about that shit.

Meditation comes in handy on MUNI.

On the way home, I counted the loot I’d won in the Goodie Bag raffle. I stopped in to a local diner for pancakes, and I passed a few minutes babbling like an asshole with the crazy adorable FiveStar and OMG so sexeh Jiz Lee. I am a dork when it comes to conversation. I demand tolerance and forgiveness for this crippling defect when it comes to friends I know fairly well, but I stumble around like Templeton the Rat on a bender when trying to be groovy and witty with teh coolkids.

I should just give up.

I am, after all, and after all is said and done, miss geeky girl.

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  1. stacey on October 18, 2008 at 3:52 PM

    Seurat & kink in one article. J’adore!