“Bawdy?” Check. “Storytelling?” Ditto.

Bawdy Storytelling

The pretty-dang-awesome Dixie DeLaTour nudged me on Twitter today to see if I might be able to talk to some people about sex tomorrow night. And hey, it turns out I’m free :-)

I’ll be talking about one of my long-time fantasies brought to real-time…kind of, at least! I talked a bit about it in this post, but I still haven’t really written a lot about it yet. Some things need to simmer a while, but it will be cool to have the chance to share it as it is: raw and real.

If you are in the SF Bay area, do come check it out!

Recommended by Broke-Ass Stuart, so you knwo it is a deal!

Wednesday, August 12th: The Realities of Fantasy Fulfillment

Roadblocks and strokes of luck on the path to Sexual Nirvana.

This month’s event includes fantasies gone wrong, and the very few that turned out unexpectedly right. Was pulling together that threesome a test of not only your sexual prowess but your networking skills? Did boundary negotiation with your age playmate-to-be border on intensive therapy? And for comic relief, who doesn’t love a Clownf*cker story, told from the Clown’s point of view?!

Join us on Wednesday, August 12th for first-person recountings of the trials and tribulations of making your dreams cum true. New experiences come with their own special challenges, and lead to tales that entertain and educate. Listen and learn (and laugh), people!

Wednesday, August 12th
Doors open at 7 PM, Stories start at 8 PM:
Event Donation: $7.00

Click Here for Google Map
1286 Folsom Street
(at 9th, just around the corner from the Climate Theater)
San Francisco, CA

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