Community. Service.

This weekend I was able to connect with my BDSM Community peeps on both Saturday and Sunday. And The Lord (Ganesha, of course) said it was good.

The Iron Dom contest was a delight! The crowd was enthusiastic the participants amazingly creative and the willing victims game, and sassy, and I feel confident in saying a good time was had by all.

Today I spent most of the afternoon in a mostly empty basement flat assembling tables from Ikea.

Why? Because some crazy kids have a dream, dammit! A dream of a kinky coffee house here in Sodom by the Sea! Wait we’re not by a sea. We’re by a bloody ocean. Shit.

I’ll work on it.

Get ready, freaks!

Soon opening here is a kinky coffee house, and I am stoked as hell that Wicked Grounds will soon be a reality. I love cafes. I love perversion. A kink oriented coffee shop? Thanks.

So, I spent the afternoon screwing.

Towards the end of the afternoon I spent over an hour on the phone speaking with [REDACTED] about a possible piece they might be writing for [REDACTED] and that was bloody awesome.

RoseWhite and Psychokat are doing an amazing job on their creation, and I an so pleased that they are undertaking this endeavour. Hey, if you’re local and want to help, follow @WickedGrounds on Twitter for updates. I’ll be back this week to decorate a table! After a brief chat with the Proprietors and a tour of the (under finishing-touches construction) venue, with a high five to Ani Niow for getting the WiFi happening,  I stepped onto 8th Street, the sunset sullen behind a veil of fog, which boiled over Potrero Hill in the distance, up Folsom Street. I thought of how, in a couple of months, a few hundred thousand of my Perverted Tribe will be swarming here, creating one of the largest most twisted gatherings on the planet outside of the RNC.

I inhaled the curling soft moisture of a San Francisco summer evening, and I creaked along on my knee, a little stiff from an afternoon spent squatting on the floor and swapping stories with my fellow perverts. People who are my tribe, not only because we are all sexually bent, but because we care for and t one another. We pull together. We squabble, bicker, faction and snipe. But we are, in fact, a motley loosely affiliated tribe, and we belong.

That’s a gift. And that is a community I’ll gladly serve.

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1 Comment

  1. lamesabassman on August 4, 2009 at 8:41 AM

    you are to be proud for what you do…… putting together ANYTHING from Ikea is not hellacool…. and I salute you for doing so…

    lamesabassman….. let me know when you open…. could always use a good cuppa’ Joe….. am based in Venice Beach…
    so San Fran is an easy run….