Help FAQ up my site!

“Why do you do all that…kinky stuff…?”

I get this a LOT. Not just from non-kink-identified people, but also from hardcore perverts. As one of the few people out about edgier kinks, I sure as hell have been in the middle of heated debates about the nuances of controversial role-play.

But the same question is asked by the curious. People who don’t do kink but wonder why I do.

I love to be asked, and I love being able to tell people my stories. “You should do a FAQ,” my Boss recently advised me “because a lot of what you say makes sense to me when I hear you say it but it is hard to explain to someone else.”

High praise indeed!

Considering I had a kinky friends bring their parents and bio-family members to see my autobiographical  solo-show about my kink, and considering that I managed to explain my thing to my Baptist Church Lady Mom, I think I am pretty good at “explaining.”

SO, here is where you come in!

If you have an questions specifically for me, or if you have a friend to whom you are trying to explain BDSM, or you want an ice-breaker for a partner, or you’re just curious, lay it on me. Ask The Executive Pervert!

I’ll be creating a FAQ, some of which references shit I’ve already covered but lots of which will be exciting and new like Love on The Love Boat, baby.

SO stick your query here on the comments, or go ahead and use the “Contact Me!” button and send me your questions!

And nothing is too silly.


In the words of Mr. Garrison from South Park, “There are no stupid questions: only stupid people.”

Be sure to let me know if you want to be quoted, and if so, by what name, and if you have a link or some shit you want me to pimp in my reply, hit me!

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