OMG How Lucky is Graydancer?!?!


I like talking. I do it quite a bit. I even do it virtually.

A lot.

Because I enjoy it. I started talking when I was only a few months old, according to my Mom.

I’m sure it was kind of cool until she realized I. Would. Not. Stop.

But I’ve managed to do pretty well for myself being a chatty kid!

When I am invited to talk about something I pretty much always say “YesyayOMGthatissocoolwherewhenandwhatdoyouwantmetotalkaboutandforhowlongOMGOMG!!”

SO I got the call from the production team at Graydancer’s Ropecast and they booked me for a appearance on his show. It was last minute but I figured hey, I’ll do the old boy a favor, and grace him with my presence!

Um…actually, no. That’s not it at all. Actually what happened was that I was in Madison, WI for the MadTown Kinkfest and Gray diverted me to his apartment on the way back to the airport so we could shoot the shit on the record.

Is he not, like, the luckiest dude evar?!!?

And here it is! I would give you a synopsis but…I don’t remember what I said. My memory is horrible.

NO, I haven’t listened to it because I go squealbot at having to hear the sound of my own voice! It never sounds the same to you, your own voice, does it? Well, I suppose it cannot, since you always hear your own voice tempered by the resonant chambers in your own head, you can’t ever truly hear your own voice without artificial reproduction and that impac—-fuck


I digress.

Listen to it here!

“Graydancer’s Ropecast”

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