HYENA prowls NYC.

02 April 2017 | Comments Off on HYENA prowls NYC.

Thanks to the brilliant TALEA Ensemble, we’ll be bringing HYENA to NYC this August. Saturday August 5th, 2017. 8:00PM, EDT, at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music. Tickets are available here. Read a little about it here.

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Counting Both Ways.

03 March 2017 | Comments Off on Counting Both Ways.

I realised I’ll be turning 10 this year. I’ll be sharing a bite of this story once again – after premiering “Hyena” in Vienna and then performing it a second time in Huddersfield England – at home in New York. After giving up on life and then finding myself energised to reject my imminent death…after…

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Emotional Safeword.

21 January 2017 | Comments Off on Emotional Safeword.

One of the toughest things to do is to have a communication style that works for all humans in a relationship. The best you can hope for, usually, is that all parties involved remain in a compassionate mindset and keep striving to do their best to meet the other as close to the middle as…

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Thanks, Britney.

26 December 2016 | Comments Off on Thanks, Britney.

“Toxic.” Yeah you can talk all you want about how pop music is artless, soulless tripe. I’d have probably sneered sanguinely along with you until late 2007. By then, I was as tired of that fucking song as anyone. I was also newly sober, deeply concerned for my mental health and running away from a…

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Nothing to Earn.

05 November 2016 | Comments Off on Nothing to Earn.

My first forays into BDSM were heavily influenced by service, and the concept that doing for others could be eroticised. Much of that was extrapolation from an initial encounter I’d had in the early 90s with a man which lead to my discovering that my feelings of submission in the sexual realm somehow spawned the…

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Chasing the demon.

29 June 2016 | Comments Off on Chasing the demon.

Since my Spousemeister was invited to be on of the masters in residence (heehee) at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, I of course would be accompanying him on a 3-week sojourn in Florida. In Summer. No Bueno. But I realised that one of the other master tracks was for writing and hey…I’m writing a…

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An Open Letter To Mr. Idris Elba.

13 June 2016 | Comments Off on An Open Letter To Mr. Idris Elba.

 Dear Mr. Elba: I admire your skill and talent as a performer. And I am thrilled to see a Black man ascend to the ranks of megastar in an industry that does everything to deny and homogenize. I do not wish to cast any shadow upon the tremendous nature of your achievements. However. You are…

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Service is the drug.

21 May 2016 | Comments Off on Service is the drug.

One of the most ephemeral emotional states is that of satisfaction. The sensation of pleasure. By its very nature fleeting, satiation –  emotional satisfaction – is transitory. Emotions do not last. Persistence of vision, that illusory sensation of individual moments weaving together to form a coherent image – is not dissimilar to emotional memory, which…

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“I don’t…”

03 May 2016 | Comments Off on “I don’t…”

I don’t cower I don’t kneel I am never ‘less than’ I don’t beg I don’t shrink I am loud and aggressive I’m not abused I don’t take shit I push back when need be I pull hard when I have to I fight demons I feed monsters I don’t iron or scrub toilets I…

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Dont Fear Pervert Cooties.

11 April 2016 | Comments Off on Dont Fear Pervert Cooties.

Years back, when social media meant AOL profiles and pages on GeoCities, people relied on nicknames and handles as barriers against being discovered as a secret freak.  Google wasn’t a thing, reverse phone-number lookups and ISP tracking were not commonly available with the click of a mouse, and anonymity was easy. Then things began to…

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Get the rest of the Essence!

30 March 2016 | Comments Off on Get the rest of the Essence!

Abiola Abrams is a raging powerstorm of amazingness and so when she says “I need you to write me something for Essence online!” I’m all “HELL YEAH!” You can read the article here, but it only contains one of the three tips  shared. Keep reading to see what else I had to say, under pressure,…

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Local Perversion.

29 March 2016 | Comments Off on Local Perversion.

Thanks to The Pleasure Chest, I’ll be sharing a lecture right here in New York on April 20th, 2016! DOMINANCE & SUBMISSION: HOT FICTION, HOTTER FACTS! WITH MOLLENA WILLIAMS-HAAS Pleasure Chest, New York UES Wednesday April 20th, 2016 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Many of us have hot fantasies of giving over control or taking…

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Drei stücke für me!

19 March 2016 | Comments Off on Drei stücke für me!

Those who were at our wedding – or watched it on LiveStream – were able to hear the “sketches” of two parts of a piece Georg was writing in my name to commemorate our wedding. This all came about because someone asked if we were going to have his compositions in our wedding and I…

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Never Say Never.

22 February 2016 | Comments Off on Never Say Never.

Yeah, I do not love camping. I just…I don’t like dirt. Or insects. Or “roughing it” even in the relatively benign version of such as is offered by the Kink Camps that happen here and there across the USA. And I have, for various reasons, gone against my better judgement several times and attended them. Once,…

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*FREE* Class, Tampa / St. Pete!

08 January 2016 | Comments Off on *FREE* Class, Tampa / St. Pete!

Mollena Speaks on the “Prime Directive“ Date & Time: Saturday, January 09, 2016 · 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM   Location: Tampa Bay Phoenix Club 12850 91st Street North, Largo, FL 33773   @ map Cost: Free! Dress code: Street-legal/casual. Description: The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is pleased to have Mollena presenting on the “Prime…

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31 December 2015 | Comments Off on

Before the end of the year and I am finished packing my owner/s suitcase. I have a particular system, as one might when packing and unpacking bits and pieces of one’s life around the country and all over Europe has fallen into the realm of the quotidian. Or at least a couple of times a…

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OKCupid Episode MDCCCXCVII: A New Hope

18 December 2015 | Comments Off on OKCupid Episode MDCCCXCVII: A New Hope

Many of us have been there. Doing the online dating thing. I am in the unique position of not only having perused just about all online dating formats available in the past couple of decades, but I have my roots in the primordial soup of online dating: newspaper ad dating. Before that? I’d even spent…

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Consent, Control, Compassion, and Why I am Fucking Tired of Explaining Why ‘Race Play’ is Different From Racism.

18 December 2015 | Comments Off on Consent, Control, Compassion, and Why I am Fucking Tired of Explaining Why ‘Race Play’ is Different From Racism.

Before you read this, please consider taking a moment to see what has already been hashed out here and there on Race Play. I have gathered a list of links that should help you get some bearings on my previous forays into this topic! Back in 2009, in the throes of a sticky Twitter frenzy over Ciara…

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Herr Meister & Me at Playground 2015

15 December 2015 | Comments Off on Herr Meister & Me at Playground 2015

It had been years of me trying to get up to Toronto for the Playground Sexuality Conference. After much arm twisting and bullying, Canadian style (which of course means people saying shit like “It’s be great to see you up here, eh?”) time and tides finally made it happen. I was invited to give a…

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12 December 2015 | Comments Off on Unless.

Two years ago today I was feeling…depressed. Laid low after a failed attempt at a book / teaching tour, I was doing that thing where you TAKE STOCK OF YOUR LIFE  and was not sanguine about current status reports. Being back in NYC thanks to the courtesy of the generosity of The Evil Jewish Lesbian…

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The Wedding

24 September 2015 | Comments Off on The Wedding

The universe has turned everything on its head, and  my wonderful owner, Georg Friedrich will marry me on September 25th. Some folks have asked about us being registered for the wedding, and I’ve dragged my feet on it because I am shy about these kinds of things. Shyness aside, this house slave would love fun…

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©Michele Serchuk 2015

Happy Birthday, and Service.

16 August 2015 | Comments Off on Happy Birthday, and Service.

I have some brilliant and talented friends, not the least of whom is the award-winning and world-renowned photographer Michele Serchuk. She’s simply wonderful in every aspect of photography, from brainstorming themes, moods and ideas to keeping the atmosphere on-set focused yet fun.  When she approached me about her latest project, which was a photographic series…

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Seriously. This is a town in Austria.

Submission: rarely easy, always worth it.

03 July 2015 | Comments Off on Submission: rarely easy, always worth it.

One of the things I am pondering mightily is the reality of submission as it is lived vs. the hot & horny fantasy of d/s. A time ago, I went to the Center for Sex & Culture​ to see Laura Antoniou​ talk about stuff. Not many people beside myself were there, because jaded-ass San Francisco…

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International Ms Leather 2015 and me.

06 March 2015 |

As International Ms Leather 2010, I weathered my own share of controversy. The IMsL 2015 has already weathered quite a bit of controversy. Those of you who have been following along on FaceBook and FetLife don’t need a rehash, but suffice to say that we’ve been waging wars on many fronts, starting with this image,…

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Life, stuff, and rope on MTV

18 January 2015 |

Hey kids…it has been a while, innit? Lots happening, and some more needs to happen before i can shakedown this blog and reopen it in the way I’d like to. Some seismic shifts have pushed about my little life’s coracle and I- we – have weathered them. Some waves have been rough and once or twice,…

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