Sunny with a 98% chance of masturbation.

26 September 2008 | Comments Off on Sunny with a 98% chance of masturbation.

Folsom weekend!   Thank the gods that my friend Julie went to the UK this week and left me her car, because it is infinitely more preferable for me to panic-pack a metric-fuckton of fetish wear and saucy clothing and throw it all into the trunk of her car than it is for me to thoughtfully plan…

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25 September 2008 | Comments Off on Schwagtastic.

Totally my idea.   Totally bitchen, yo.

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Seems about right.

24 September 2008 | Comments Off on Seems about right.
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Those who can’t score…

24 September 2008 |

…..teach! Nah, it isn’t all that :-) I am apprehensive. I really like teaching. I get such overwhelming, (sometimes embarrassing) positive feedback, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The Fringe class is one I have previously conducted, it is only an hour, and I sure as hell can relay at least 3 solid take-away…

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Panic In The Dungeon.

23 September 2008 |

I can only imagine the meleé that an Anarchist play party would provoke. WHO would bring the CHEESE CUBES?! First Meeting of Anarchist BDSM group Thursday September 25 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in the Red and Black Reading Room (upstairs) 6501 Telegraph in Oakland Not wheelchair-accessible; gender-neutral bathrooms are available. Contact…

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pr0n’s underbelleh.

22 September 2008 | Comments Off on pr0n’s underbelleh.
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Scene digestion, step one.

21 September 2008 |

I often write “scene reports” but have not had the opportunity to as it has been a long time since I’ve played in a scene-specific context. This is like a new re-re-restart, so i am putting a new process to the test! Rather than just give the blow-by blow (Sigh. Yeah, yeah.) I am thinking…

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post-scene check-list

20 September 2008 | Comments Off on post-scene check-list

Bitemarks? Check. Abruptly denuded pubic area? Check. Serious welts on the butt from “6 Of The Best”? Check. Goofed out bliss? Fuck yeah…!

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“I am already tempted to safe-word…”

19 September 2008 |

This is always my thought when I am not involved in a relationship. and time goes by, and I have a play-date. Which I have tonight. The vagaries of physical tolerances comes to the fore and I wonder if, perhaps, the years of regular, hard play were an illusion. Perhaps I was fooling myself into…

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…Folsom Weekend Looms…

18 September 2008 | Comments Off on …Folsom Weekend Looms…

…and I am pretty stoked to have been invited to present a class at the Folsom Fringe Event. This is the…what…fourth? Fifth? time I’ve taught a class there. There are many cool folks teaching lots of cool classes. I am gonna hold forth on the not-at-all-controversial “race play” class. Yeah, I rule. Working, as I…

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11 September 2008 | Comments Off on SSC

Safe, sane and consensual (SSC) is one of several phrases used by a large section of the BDSM and sexual bondage communities to describe themselves and their philosophies who regard SSC to be a watchword for safety. The principles are that BDSM activities should be: safe: attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks…

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Ain’t no fucking saints up in here.

11 September 2008 | Comments Off on Ain’t no fucking saints up in here.

I stay away from online drama. I have been doing the “online thing” for a while now. Not as long as some, but longer than others. I still become honestly puzzled by people who assume that a common sexual bent will somehow filter out jerks, losers, douchebags, whiners, predators, evil beings, and just plain old…

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No, you cannot be my “Dominate”!!!

29 December 2007 |

[rant] HEY! YOU! YOU WITH THE PROFILE THAT IDENTIFIES YOU AS A “DOMINATE” MASTER!! For the LOVE of GOD!!! Or GODS!! OR Stephen MOTHERFUCKING HAWKING!!! *deep breath* Once Again!! Main Entry: dom·i·nant Pronunciation: \-n?nt\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin dominant-, dominans, present participle of dominari Date: circa 1532 1…

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